#5931: KungPowJuggalo -> Holmes

KungPowJuggalo: oof!

KungPowJuggalo: i hit my head

Holmes: HEY it’s you!

Holmes: hjahahahahhahahah

Holmes: zhhsahahahahahhah

Holmes: jdshkzxzdl/zl;dsjldsdsah;

KungPowJuggalo: mwah!

KungPowJuggalo: oof! nyargh! i hit my knee on the dashboard

KungPowJuggalo: i dunno what a dashboard is, bit i hit my knee on it =/

Holmes: i hit my head on the pool table when i was playing internet pool

KungPowJuggalo: well i chocked on a chess piece while playing internet chess

Holmes: well i got an erection while loking at internet porn

Holmes: oops

Holmes: wrong IM

Holmes: i thought i was talking to my mom

KungPowJuggalo: wew! good

Holmes: anyways

Holmes: whats up

KungPowJuggalo: do you holmes dance

Holmes: yes

Holmes: when i’m happy

KungPowJuggalo: !!!!!

KungPowJuggalo: i made that up

KungPowJuggalo: i did the first holmes dance

KungPowJuggalo: in the 60’s

KungPowJuggalo: it goes like this:

KungPowJuggalo: *does the holmes dance*

KungPowJuggalo: see

Holmes: you copied me

KungPowJuggalo: notice how i maneuver my waist and wink at the end?

KungPowJuggalo: that is the real way

Holmes: i did mine in the 40’s it goes like this *does the HOLMES dance*

KungPowJuggalo: well, i had a diffrent dance before you were born and it goes like this: *does da holmes groove*

Holmes: Thats copywrited by sherlock holmes!

Holmes: he’ll sue you!

KungPowJuggalo: well… mr. sherlock wasnt born before the 40s

Holmes: how do you know

KungPowJuggalo: because i read the books

Holmes: and did i say 40’s? i mean 1740’s

Holmes: is when

Holmes: i created

KungPowJuggalo: i have the WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE wangdoodle!

Holmes: the dance

KungPowJuggalo: no

KungPowJuggalo: i meant 1540

KungPowJuggalo: so, sorry

Holmes: of i mean 40

Holmes: BC

Holmes: SO HA

Holmes: 4000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 BC


KungPowJuggalo: 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999x infitite BC

Holmes: uh ok

Holmes: anywas

KungPowJuggalo: poppycocks taste good

KungPowJuggalo: cock from a poppy

Holmes: too bad daves not around we coulda sent him this IM

KungPowJuggalo: yeah :-/

KungPowJuggalo: when will he be back?

Holmes: how do i know? i cant telegraph him…jeeze you sound like your in love with him

KungPowJuggalo: how do you know im not………

KungPowJuggalo: =-o

Holmes: :-X

KungPowJuggalo: :-*

Holmes: =-O

Holmes: :-X

Holmes: >:o

KungPowJuggalo: sorry

Holmes: my door doesn’t swing that way

KungPowJuggalo: smilys are oraterd

Holmes: yeah

Holmes: whatever

Holmes: when i grow up and my IQ ends up dieing, i want to grow up to be just like dave

KungPowJuggalo: no

KungPowJuggalo: i called it first

KungPowJuggalo: i hate ICQ

Holmes: fine

KungPowJuggalo: it sucks

KungPowJuggalo: AND

KungPowJuggalo: i get to be Nose

Holmes: uh

KungPowJuggalo: Elmo

KungPowJuggalo: stimpy

KungPowJuggalo: atc

KungPowJuggalo: atc

KungPowJuggalo: etc*

KungPowJuggalo: etc*

Holmes: damn dude you better be kidding, thos guys are wierd

KungPowJuggalo: i know that

KungPowJuggalo: BUT

KungPowJuggalo: i repeat………

KungPowJuggalo: BUT!

KungPowJuggalo: they have sex with dave

KungPowJuggalo: which gives me a bonus

Holmes: and you want in on the orgy?

KungPowJuggalo: and makes them cool

KungPowJuggalo: no

KungPowJuggalo: only me and dave

Holmes: dave is your god?

Holmes: WHAT A COINCDENCE! he is my god!

KungPowJuggalo: backwards

Holmes: heh

Holmes: dog

KungPowJuggalo: yes

KungPowJuggalo: he is my bitch

Holmes: well he’s my god

Holmes: so FUCK OFF

KungPowJuggalo: *slaps dave*

KungPowJuggalo: HE IS MY BITCH

Holmes: yh yeah fine you can have him

Holmes: i don’t want him

Holmes: he’s a lowdown good for nothing

KungPowJuggalo: soooooooooo

KungPowJuggalo: he is an assvirgin

Holmes: and you want to pop that cherry?

KungPowJuggalo: i want to pop his rectum

Holmes: eww

Holmes: <–getting mental images

KungPowJuggalo: 🙂

Holmes: don[‘t make a smiley face!

Holmes: it just makes the images worse!

Holmes: OMG what if your bitch…i mean dave…comes back?

KungPowJuggalo: he is back\

KungPowJuggalo: door

Holmes: he is back?

Holmes: relaly?

Holmes: really

Holmes: door?

Holmes: WHAT

Holmes: HEY!


KungPowJuggalo: sorry

Holmes: hey if dave never comes back, it’s no skin off my back

KungPowJuggalo: dave came all up in my lip

Holmes: thats nasty in more ways then i can count

Holmes: i’m going to go throw up now

KungPowJuggalo: 🙂

KungPowJuggalo: join the fun

Holmes: no thats ok

Holmes: i perfer the female type

KungPowJuggalo: Nose is letting dave and i stretch out all the nostrils in his body

KungPowJuggalo: …….with our penises

Holmes: what if i shot dave would you stop saying nasty shit!!!!!

KungPowJuggalo: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

KungPowJuggalo: that’s a ponder!

Holmes: what if i gave you a blow up doll with a 294 incher, would you shut up about dave then…oh and of course i shot him

KungPowJuggalo: ok

Holmes: good

Holmes: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

KungPowJuggalo: ok

KungPowJuggalo: brb

KungPowJuggalo: okay back

KungPowJuggalo: i had to wipe david’s ass

KungPowJuggalo: (he has no wrist or hands)

KungPowJuggalo: he just punds on the keyboard

KungPowJuggalo: and has his mother and/or sister delete the propper letters

Holmes: uh huh

Holmes: well

Holmes: to tell a lie

Holmes: i mean

Holmes: the truth

Holmes: i put a virus on daves computer and in his brain

Holmes: it’s the heterosexual virus

Holmes: so

Holmes: he’s

Holmes: not

Holmes: gay

Holmes: anymore

KungPowJuggalo: well

KungPowJuggalo: i just hacked it outa him

Holmes: through the backdoor?

Holmes: damn i knew i shoulda plugged it up!

KungPowJuggalo: 🙂

KungPowJuggalo: use a cork skrew

Holmes: anyways

KungPowJuggalo: hmm

Holmes: no more dave,i’m sick of dave

KungPowJuggalo: why

Holmes: just am

KungPowJuggalo: lol

Holmes: before he got disconnected he always was iming me and shit

Holmes: it was ok but then it just got ridiculous

Holmes: so i stopped talking to him for a while

KungPowJuggalo: lol

KungPowJuggalo: what did he say to you

KungPowJuggalo: in the IMs

Holmes: always tried to start a stupid IM

Holmes: even when i wanted to talk seriously

Holmes: like about movies and stuff

Holmes: he stopped after a while though

Holmes: thats when he told me his mom was ready to take away his mouseball for a good while

KungPowJuggalo: oh

KungPowJuggalo: try to remember why she did

KungPowJuggalo: think HARD

Holmes: hell if i remebered, i would tell you but i seriously don’t

KungPowJuggalo: oh

KungPowJuggalo: any thing about school?

KungPowJuggalo: being on too much

Holmes: um i duno

Holmes: probablly that if anything

Holmes: being on too much

KungPowJuggalo: yeah

KungPowJuggalo: then why didnt the dumbass just get off the comp and settle it out

Holmes: i’m not at daves house so i wouldn’t know

KungPowJuggalo: go on AIM

Holmes: i cant the last time my bro caught me

Holmes: he uses aim

Holmes: not me

KungPowJuggalo: oh

KungPowJuggalo: why cant u use it?

Holmes: because it’s HIS

KungPowJuggalo: LOL

Holmes: anyways enough about squackle and dave, i almost forgot about it till you mentioned it

KungPowJuggalo: lol

KungPowJuggalo: asl

Holmes: 17/m/connecticut

KungPowJuggalo: oh

Holmes: what

KungPowJuggalo: your bro’s asl

Holmes: 20

KungPowJuggalo: lol

Holmes: well i gotta go…forget about dave, he;s just a regular joe schmoe!!!!!!!!!

KungPowJuggalo: lol

KungPowJuggalo: later

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