Daggermitton: EXTREEME Badmitton! – Rules

Made in conjunction with stimpyismyname.

Materials: A line on the floor, 2 badmitton rackets, a birdie (badmitton or not)

# of Players: 2 or more

What You Do:

1. Draw a line on the floor if there isnt already one, and hold the rackets like a dagger, the racket part thingy facing down

2. Divide the teams up equally behind the lines

3. Decide who goes first. A light reconstruction of a bar brawl is a nice, friendly way to do it

4. Take the rackets, holding them downwards, dropping the birdie toward the floor. Flick the racket upwards at the birdie and get it over the line into the other team’s area.

5. Everytime the birdie falls into a team’s area, on the floor, the point goes to the other team

6. You are allowed to hit it anywhere on the other side of the line, no out of boundaries, since there are none

7. The team that was scored on get to serve, this is known as the “loser’s serve” rule

8. Your team may have a “bitch” to pick up the badmitton birdie and give it to the server

9. Optional: you can have a guy run up and start humping a random person in the game

10. Everytime someone acts like an idiot, you can throw your racket at them

11. You may go into the other team’s area for 3 seconds, to screw them up and get a point, after you hit it into their area. If you stay in for more than 3 seconds, the point goes to them and you lose one point

Boundaries: None, as long as you get the birdie over the line

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