UPDATE 9-03-00

davepoobond:   We now have a downloads section, which you can get to by clicking the link above, and will have new downloads every week or so….also, i’m thinking of working on a frames version of Squackle…i dont know yet

Stimpyismyname:  we look all over for the best downloads and bring them to YOU!! :: points finger at “YOU” ::

Elmoisfurry:  stickums are bad mmkay. u shouldn’t do stickums. cause they’re bad mmkay. STICKUM MAN!!! ZOOOM!! .:he rides about in the air and tells everyone about the harm of stickum useage:.

stuff updated/put up:

Squackle’z Dictionary:  P

Squackle Songs:  The Way Hamsters Think I Am, sung to the song “The Way I Am,” by Eminem,  and   The Ugly Bunch, sung to the theme song of the TV show “The Brady Bunch.”   (made for the SBC show, “The Ugly Bunch”)

Squackle Poems:  Poem – by “Glenn”

Stupid IMs:  poop,  AOL secrets

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