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Immigration Essay

My assignment was to interview an immigrant….I know of no immigrants so I made it all up….Check out the dates I mention….(I aced history but clearly failed math….)

Dolores H. was born August 10, 1972 in Mexico city, Mexico in an area called Village Guadalupe. She was 23 when she first came to the United States in the summer of 1980.

*****She would’ve been like 11 when she came to the u.s. not 23!*****

I did go to school ,my mother really wanted me to finish high school although I wanted to work to make money for our family she said. But there werent very many good jobs for women because most men believe they are supposed to stay home. So after high school Dolores came to America. It was very difficult because I was alone ,I didnt speak English ,and I didnt have any money.she said. But there was a couple her parents knew who were living here in Ventura so they let her live with them for awhile. They helped her learn English so she could get a small job.
Coming to America ,she says, was easier for her then for a lot of people. She says some men she knew were always trying to come illegally to the U.S. to escape debt. It only took a few weeks for her to be approved, then later on she wanted to become a citizen so she had to take a difficult test to see how much she knew about the country.

the end….

I got a B+ becasue my teacher said it wasn’t long enough….

Bad Submission #22130

Health Stories submission.

This form was submitted:  Mar 13 2004 / 23:21:27

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title = “Keyboarding level 1A”
submission = (A few of the lines I remember from keyboarding class.The word hash just sticks out to me….heh heh…..)
a salad a jak a jak salad a hash a hash jak jak a hash salad
dads sad sad dad

USA: Rose Gardens

Another true story about the folks on my street

One day I was sitting on my porch and a woman comes up with a shovel.
She looks a bit on the crazy side,so I sit and watch to see what she’s going to do.
Looks around then starts digging up the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street in front of my house.

My mom comes outside to see what I’m up to and sees the woman.By this time she had a nice sized hole going on and a pile of dirt in our yard.My mother freaked out and asked her what she was doing.
the shovel woman responded “My landlord wants me to plant roses in front of my house,so that’s what I’m going to do.” My mom told her to leave,and that this was our house.So the woman left without a fight.

The next day,as I was walking to school,I saw a hole dug in everyone’s yard on my street…most of them were several feet deep.She never came back to plant those roses,and all the houses have huge circles of dirt where she dug up the grass and it never grew back.