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Descriptive Writing Thingy

#1: It was the best date i ever had. He had the most gorgeous features that were as charming as a prince. And had the most muscular body in the world. I’m kinda disappointed actually at how he looks. He looks OK, but not great. He’s got a unibrow. We went to the Glendale Marketplace. The crowds gave us a cozy feeling as we walked by the rows of cute stores and restaraunts. Bands were playing, and the smell of food from the small shops gave us a feeling of hunger. We ate and he took me back to my mansion. We kissed good night and as he walked away, that’s when it happened! He changed into a rabbit, hopped into his car and drove away with nothing more than a twitch of his nose, no goodbye. I wonder if i’ll ever see him again… #2: It was the best date i ever had. She was beautiful, her short hair was cute and her glasses made her intelligent. Her hair was so beautiful when it waved in the wind. When i saw her for the first time i knew things would go great for us. Our first date was not truly a date because we meet on a plane and were on our way to Paris.

She was a rich person, but that’s what you get when you date a movie star, and she was the only person that thought the patch on my eye looked good and i should have a big ol’ parrot to go with it, so she suggested that we could go and catch one in the rainforest one day.

As we got off the plane, we instantly saw the Eiffel Tower, and it was a fantatstic sight. Looking out onto sunlite Paris, I turned to my date and exposed a rose I had hidden in my coat, i handed it to her and she kissed me. I can’t remember anything after that, i was boozed up.

I woke the next morning with a headache and thought to myself, i probably had a nice night after i got drunk, since i couldn’t remember anything.