If I Made the Republics of Antarctica and the Arctic

When I am bored in the future, I will proclaim Antarctica and the Arctic their own republic and gain freedom from the oppression given on the republics by the U.S. and Russia and any other countries that fucked with the Earth’s poles. I’ll go across the world, finding homeless people, and give them igloo mansions, money, and a job at the zoos in Antarctica and the Arctic. Our main income would be from zoos, and the main attractions would be polar bears and penguins. And we’ll become an imperialist nation and take over Greenland in a war, then slowly take over all the uninhabited islands of Canada that they don’t even use. Then, take over all the uninhabited islands of the Pacific, and everywhere else in the world that is uninhabited. Then when our forces got big enough, we’ll take over Bahrain! The republic of Antartica and Arctic live on forever! Sa-loot!