Hot-Aid Guy: ohhhh yeah!


(Hot-Aid Guy is a big pitcher with arms, legs, and full of yellow liquid)

(Hot-Aid Guy is skateboarding up a ramp with 3 other kids, to keep the political correctness of this commercial, its one white girl, one white boy, and an African-American boy)

(they stop skating, and stand in the middle of the ramp)


Jamal: boy, am I sweaty, yo diggity!


John: you said it, Jamal!


Kathy: what should we DO Hot-Aid Guy? I don’t want plain water, I want some powdery stuff from a package in MY water!


Hot-Aid Guy: hey, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t you jump inside me??


Kathy (close up): that’s a GREAT idea!


Jamal: yeah! And to keep up with the corporate – imposed popular culture, we’ll skateboard into you! Yo diggity!


(cuts to a shot behind John doing a McFlip 540 into the Hot-Aid Guy, and then a shot of Kathy grinding on the edge of the Hot-Aid Guy, and then diving in. Then a shot of Jamal doing a handplant on the side of the ramp and then falling backwards into Hot-Aid Guy, who was right under Jamal)

(Hot-Aid Guy moves around, splashing the liquid around)


Hot-Aid Guy: how do you like my Tropical Tang piss?!


Jamal: uggh! Its so nasty! Yo diggity!


John: I’m gonna barf!


Kathy: Its more like TERRIBLE Tang to me!


Hot-Aid Guy: you’ve pissed me off, you politically correct group of kids! Now-YOU-DIE!


(Hot-Aid Guy puts a cap on top of him)


Jamal: what the FUCK! Yo DIGGITY!


Kathy: guys, I feel something sharp below our feet


Hot-Aid Guy: you’re right, I just happen to be a talking, living Blender Pitcher, made by IKEA, bless their German inventions.


John: oh shit….


(Hot-Aid Guy turns the blender on, and you can’t see the kids anymore, but you see the yellow turning into a piss red color)


Hot-Aid Guy (stopping): now let’s partyyyy!


(kids of all races jump into a pool, start dancing and skateboard, as there is a drawback shot into the air)


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