Meriman Butlers

Head Butler: hello, I am Head Butler. We, at Meriman Butlers, serve YOU and only YOU. We’re pretty much like your favorite prostitute, because we live with you, eat your food, and only serve you between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm. Anyway, let’s talk about what we could do for you so you could rent us out for a minimum of a year.


(Head Butler walks over to a piano and starts playing)


Head Butler: not only are we trained in the classical art of music, but also Modern Rock!


(curtains behind Head Butler open up, and 4 other butlers are there. 2 have a guitar, 1 has a bass and one is playing the drums. Them and Head Butler start jamming)


Head Butler (singing): oh yeah! Oh yeah! I’m playing a piannooooo!


(the camera is moving around at different angles, and gets a focus in on the drummer’s bass drum and it says “The Butlers” on it)


Head Butler (singing): and we put jelly on your jam and bread on your butter and glass in your milk and we scrub your faucets and flush the sink after you use it and sweep your roof and water your ceiling and just about everything else!


(everyone jumps and hits the last note)


Head Butler: yeah!



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