Scluckle Episode 2

The Cast:


Narrator ((speaking in the ( ) ))
















cako the portuguese porker


taco homless-man


(After the previous defeat of Scluckle by Dacky!, Scluckle has moved to the mysterious island of Caca. It all began with…ahh forget that boring stuff, on wit the action!)


jamescrapbond: whoever called squackle last time and let them in on our plans is going to die! WHO DONE IT?


They all shrug


(… like they REALLY scare me)


ear: what about the narrator, he knows all!


(yeah i also know you guys suck and couldn’t think your way out of a shit hole)


cako the portuguese porker: well, forget about it. lets get a new plan!


Watson: yeah! how are we going to get squackle?


taco homeless-man: lets eat em!


all of em say: no


elmaismad: how about we make somethin! Like scluckle soap!


ear: i like soap


ear gets backhanded by james


jamescrapbond: shut up! we’ll make an item that removes dirt off of people!


(suddenly, the idiotic stupid ass MyRightTesticle comes in)


MyRightTesticle: I’m not dat stupid!


Producer whispers to MyRightTesticle “your not suppose to hear the narrator”


MyRightTesticle: Who’s talkin? Oh it’s you guys! Hey I didn’t know you were in this movie also!


Producers and staff shake there heads, trying to shut him up. They finally throw a big bowling ball at him and it knocks him out.


jamescrapbond: annnnnnyyyyyyywaaaaaayyyyyyssss…we will make an item that washes dirt and stuff off peoples skin and we will make it EVIL!


(they laugh evily…i don’t get paid enough for this job)


ear: how will it be evil?


jamescrapbond backhands ear


jamescrapbond: shut up you! it will be evil! EVIL!


(fuck it stop laughin evily god damn!)


A few minutes later, Watson comes out carrying the Evil Soa..


jamescrapbond: EVIL BODY CLEANSER!


Sorry Evil “Body Cleanser” and it has the words marked EVIL inscribed upon the bar…how EVIL can you get…losers…


A few months later the soap


jamescrapbond: BODY CLEANSER!!!!!!


BODY CLEANSER is a big hit as it hits the markets. Dacky! doesn’t trust the soap


jamescrapbond: BODY CLEANSER!!!!!!!!!


and brings it to the Squackle center of underwear examination for testing.


After a few tests by lab genius stimpyismyname, the soap


jamescrapbond: BODY CLEANSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


is concluded to be extremely filled with caca, a special dark brown herb found on the secret and mysterious island of caca and is also concluded to be “EVIL”. Our Dacky! hero has few words to say about the evilness…


Dacky!: It’s very evil…


The news is filled with people falling down covered with EVILNESS from the whatever the hell it is, and dacky must find the cure. Dacky! flies off to caca island where he encounters his former enemies of scluckle.


jamescrapbond: so we meet again, Dacky! It’s time to once again call in SCLUCKLE MAN!


The ordinary chicken falls through the roof but is saved as he lands on MyRightTesticle’s head. The chicken lays the egg of evilness upon MyRightTesticle’s head as he awakens full of…of…EVIL!!!!!


Dacky!: Oh no he’s…he’s…EVIL


(no shit)


MyRightTesticle: what? what’d you mean? who’s evil? wtf is a chicken doin on my face!


MyRightTesticle throws the chicken at jamescrapbond. james tries to pull of matrix crap at the chicken lays eggs and flies through the air at him. It’s too late. The eggs hit him as he falls to the ground, defeated.


Dacky! clears the house as he beats up everyone. Fists fly everywhere and poop is thrown at Dacky!. Little does scluckle know that poop makes Dacky! turn into…DACKY!!. DACKY!! beats up everyone else really badly, were talkin bad bad.


elmaismad: fart


renismyname: poop we lost again…


taco homeless-man farts 3 times.




DACKY!!: wtf is that?


jamescrapbond: it’s bad…also it blows up the island…


A voice comes over the intercom: “You have activated the PEPTO BISMOL OF DOOM VOLCANO THINGIE. Prepare to blow off your ass. Thank you for buying Scluckle body cleanser. I hope you all die slowly and painfully…football practice has been cancelled due to the fact that i don’t wanna play football. Bye, go home.”


DACKY!! just flies away as the PEPTO BISMOL OF DOOM VOLCANO THINGIE sweeps the island. Yay, he saved the day. Go away.


(The End)


(::turns on soap operas::)

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