Jam Jam Cam

(a stupid guy is breakdancing)


Stupid Guy: haha! Yeah!


(Stupid Guy stops, and walks over to the camera)


Stupid Guy: wasn’t that stupendous?


(Stupid Guy dances)


Stupid Guy: Hi, I’m Stupid Guy, and I’m here to tell you about my new invention! Jam jam Cam! Its so cool, it makes you look like you’re dancing, when you really aren’t! And it adds music to it too. Let’s look at the same thing I was doing, but with a regular camera!


(it goes to a reg. camera shot, and it has Stupid Guy doing jumping jacks and rolling around on the floor, and running into a wall)


Stupid Guy: If you do a lot worse than me, and would like to look good doing something else when you really want it, get this product. Let’s hear some testimonials!


Loser: I was doing the robot, but the Jam Jam Cam turned my loser Robot dance into a freak dance with a hot girl I never saw before! It was cool…


Woman: I was doing the funky chicken, and the Jam Jam Cam turned it into a Conga line with hot men boning me in my ass!


Stupid Guy: wouldn’t you like that to happen to YOU?


Loser: Yes, I would!


Woman: You can bet on it!


Stupid Guy: You heard from real-life customers that we payed to say something good about this product! Why not buy yours today?


(Stupid Guy starts dancing)


Stupid Guy: you may actually learn how to REALLY dance


(Stupid Guy is actually crawling around on the floor in a pink tutu, kicking at the air)



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