Scluckle Episode 1

The Cast:

Narrator ((speaking in the ( ) ))








cako the portuguese porker

taco homless-man


(there all in a room after they just made there new site called: Scluckle)


jamescrapbond: HaHA! Squackle will be no more with our new and improved site, Scluckle! MUHAHAHA


(they all laugh evily)


taco homless-man: yes and all we will post will be funny jokes n’ stuff n’ stuff


(they all laugh evily…again…)


cako the portuguese porker: great thinking james! we will rule the…umm…


(they all look at each other and shrug)


ear: bathroom?


Watson: no


elmaismad: Internet!


jamescrapbond: Yes! Internet!


(they all laugh evily….again….for the third freakin time….)


taco homeless-man: do you think we should assasinate davepoobond and steal his underwear?


MyRightTesticle: I want to kill my identical-testical-twin brother know as “Lefty”. Our owner only played with him all the time why i watched as my bro got rubbed! I never recovered….


Watson: yes i solved all dem case’s and shit-lock got all dat credit! Can you believe dat!


ear: i like my brother nose, he’s cool


(ear gets backhanded by james)


jamescrapbond: shut up you! we will kill those squackle bafoons and take over there internet site and we will be the rulers or the internet and force other people to have slow connections FOREVER! MUHAHAHHAHAHA


(blah blah blah laughing again blah blah blah)


cako the portuguese porker: so…whats the plan?


(they all shurg)


elmaismad: how about we masturbate infront of them?


renismyname: how about we run at them with sticks screaming things at them?


Watson: how about we sexual molest them all and blame there parents?


jamescrapbond: No! We will get one hudred paper-back boks and make a gun and blast them with them! ha-ha!


All: good idea!


ear: what about nose?


(ear gets backhanded again)


jamescrapbond: forget about nose, he will die a horrible paper-cut death!


ear: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…wait do i get his stuff


jamescrapbond: yes


ear: ok, good


(ok i’m sick of all this evil laughing, i’m callin’ squackle and tellin them about there god damn plan)


(suddenly, Dacky! comes in ((he’s the duck with the messed up face)) and beats up the team of scluckle. the whole team of scluckle is laid out on the floor)


Watson: i…can’t…feel…my…head


elmaismad: i think my brain broke…


(jamescrapbond stands up)


jamescrapbond: i didn’t want to do this but it’s time to bring out SCLUCKLE MAN!


(a chicken falls through the roof. it’s just an ordinary chicken and it falls down on the concrete and gets knocked out)


Dacky! and jamescrapbond: …


(cako the portuguese porker stands up and walks over to the computer they used to put up scluckle, the screen says: DO NOT PRESS ENTER)


cako the portuguses porker: hmm ok (he presses enter)




(Dacky! punches james and then kicks cako in the balls. over the anoncement thingie it says: “Self-desturct anal explosion sequence activated…preparing to blow up…todays lunch specials are: Hamburger and Broccoli. There will be no Square dancing after work today due to the end of the world. Thank you” Dacky! runs out of the sckluckle building as it just happens to blow up right after he steps off the property…like in the movies. He flys back to squackle)


(The End)


(Or Is it?)


(Probablly, who knows)


(Actually I do know but i’m not telling and you can’t make me)


(Leave me alone now! My soap operas are on!)



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