Gay Spray

(a guy wearing a pink dress gets fucked by another guy on a purple sofa. You can hear n’sync music in the background.)

guy wearing a dress: this is a swingin’ beat, steve!

other guy: yeah, george…I mean Jane.

(They have sex for a few more seconds)

George/Jane: uh oh…

Steve: what is it?

George/Jane: I feel like i’m becoming straight again!

Steve: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George/Jane: quick! Pass me the Gay Spray!

(George/Jane gets the Gay Spray and he sprays it)

George/Jane: Whew! i’m gay again!

(They both stand up)

Both: Gay Spray! For people who want to be gay, but aren’t! Just one spray of this stuff and you will be gayer then n’sync!

(they have sex some more)


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