Boy Bands

One day the Weird Owl, Dude 1, Mimicing Mike, a Golden Retriever, and Supermouse dressed up as the Backstreet Boys. Weird Owl was Kevin, Dude1 was Howie, Mimicing Mike was Brian, the Retriever was Nick, and Supermouse was AJ. They went to New York on the streets.

The Weird Owl ran into McDonalds. No one followed. DUde 1, Supermouse, and Mimicing Mike all did the same. The dog went in and 1,000,000 screaming fans chased him through the streets.

Dude 1: This really stinks!

Supermouse: Yeah it does!

Mimicing Mike: Let’s make human boritos!

So Mike rapped himself up in a tortia. Then he hopped to a meat factory. He jumped in a meat pile. Everyone started eating him. Wait a sec. Here comes The Golden Retriever and his fans. STAMPEDE! The camera is dropped, then squashed.

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