The Poyfect Storm

(there are 2 ships coming in from fishing all month)

(Sosie, the girl captain on the other boat picks up her CB Radio transmitter thingy and talks into it)


Sosie: wheee!! how u doin George?


(George, the other guy on the the other ship that is the captain of it picks up the CB radio transmitter thingy in his ship)


George: fart!


Sosie: oh, dont be mad, just cause i got about……..50 times more fish than you!


George: nyak! we only got a few sardines. we had more bait than what we caught!


Sosie: well, thats not my fault…




Sosie: well…..poop!


(George and Sosie’s boats come into the harbor)


(later, at the office of the Fish Master…)


Fish Master (jaw dropping): only a few sardines George? man… just S-U-C-K


George: yeah, i know…..but this time, i’m going back out and getting some fish! lots o’ fish!


Fish Master: grr……you better! or i’ll be using you as bait!


(later at the bar…)


Dick: hey, Honey, lets go have sex upstairs and come back later!


Honey: alright!


(they go upstairs)

(next day…downstairs)


Dick: hey, george whats happening?


George: do you, fat head, toughy and jumpy wanna go on a fishing trip of our lives?


Dick: HELL YEAH! Lets go!


Honey: dont go!


Dick: forget you!


Honey: blah blah blah


Dick: yadda yadda yadda! i’m going, u cant make me not go


Honey: fine, go kill urself


(in a lab somewhere in the middle of Arizona)


scientist guy: whoa! look at that storm thingy off the coast of Massachusetts!


assisstant: oh, wow, thats neat….


scientest guy: you could be a meteorologist your whole life and never see anything like this…


assisstant: but…you already saw it….


scientist guy: …….oh yeah…..this should be called……….The “Poyfect” Storm!


(poyfect storm echoes)

(meanwhile, on the boat)


George: ooh! we have a quarter of a million dollars worth of fish! oh, look a storm! lets go into the middle of the 3 storms i see there and risk our lives to get the fish home in time!


fat head: uhh……


George: LETS GO!




jumpy: ack! water!


toughy: bah! this is noth- ::dies::


fat head: barrellss!!!!!


Dick: pirates!!


George: ICE CREAM!


jumpy: chocolate syrup!


(jumpy squirts some chocolate syrup on everyones ice cream)

(jumpy jumps over the side)


jumpy: gotta save the dead fish!


fat head: the fish are below deck!


jumpy: ……uh oh…..::dies::


George: Oh well! I’m the main star! i cant get killed!


terroist: hahahah! i rigged the ship and it is set to blow! you’re all gonna die!


fat head: oh no!!!! save the fish!


(fat head tosses some fish over the side)


Dick: nooooo! what are you doing?!?


fat head: ….saving the fish….::tosses another one over:: goooo! save yourself!!


(a shark pops up and eats the fish)


fat head: gulp! there are sharks here!


(Dick pushes fat head over the side and fat head gets eaten)

(a pirate appears at the top of the mast on the ship)


pirate: water, ho!


George: WATER!?! more water?!?


(George runs around in circles flailing his arms everywhere)


terrorist: ACK! i’m allergic to water!


(a tidal wave comes and makes the terrorist fly in the air and plop into the water, screaming, and dies)

(Dick stands on his head)


Pirate: nooo!! ::jabs himself with his sword and falls over into the water::


George: hmm……


(George looks around and shrugs)


George: poof!








all the guys that died were extras and we dont care about him


george: george clooney


Dick: norm mcdonald


fat head: roseanne


jumpy: Mr. Kangaroo Trainer at the LA Zoo


toughy: Arnold Schwarzenegger

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