Mr. Clean’s Dojo

(Mr. Clean walks to the middle of the screen, winking. A sparkle appears on his eye when he does, and he crosses his arms against his chest)


Mr. Clean: I am Mr. Clean!


Old Lady (comes out of a door): bathroom tiles are clean, thanks to Mr. Clean!


Mr. Clean: that’s right! I have opened a dojo now, to teach people how to do the amazing things I can! Like wave my arm and everything is clean! Its only 5 dollars a day, and you’re taught by the best Clean Masters to date, not including me, because I’d rather be engulfed by my profits and swim in my money…!


(5 Italian guys in Mr. Clean uniforms run and get into a pyramid behind Mr. Clean)


Mr. Clean: you can learn how to do this!


5 Italian Guys: Hi-yah!!


(amazingly the floor around them is clean)


Mr. Clean: Its all about showmanship here, so get you ass down here, quick!


(Mr. Clean points to the camera)


Mr. Clean: or, I’ll Clean ya! And make YOU into a forest fire!


Italian Guy 1: dat’s da trudth!



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