Hate Mail #8611

This form was submitted: Jan 26 2004 / 18:33:04

name = maddox fan

email = eatmyshorts@hotmail.com

hatemail = I disagree with u calling your site the funniest. The funniest site on the internet is www.maddox.xmission.com check it out its so much funnier than urs.

One thought on “Hate Mail #8611

  1. oh ok then, so maybe I change the name to “Squackle! The Second Funniest to maddox.xmission.com Site On the Net” then? By no means, am I saying I hate Maddox’s site, in fact, I actually love his site.

    The difference between the two of our sites though, is the fact that Squackle has a different humor style, and more of a traditional humor web site with jokes, etc. Its (and I use this loosely) more of a “family web site” than Maddox’s.

    Maddox’s site is completely different, in that he only has articles about certain things all linked on his front page. Squackle has thousands (nearly 4000) pages, that has a broad range of topics.

    And I can also see why he keeps complaining about how stupid people that email him always use “u” instead of “you.”

    Thanks for the mail, jackass.

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