#8570: fROY132 -> AnGeLgiRrl316

fROY132: hey…

fROY132: whos this

AnGeLgiRrl316: its ang!

fROY132: no it isn’t

AnGeLgiRrl316: what?

fROY132: this isn’t angela

fROY132: ……

AnGeLgiRrl316: lol yea i kno jus cin if u thought it was cuz i hate that

fROY132: you hate ang?

AnGeLgiRrl316: u still friends with her

AnGeLgiRrl316: ?

fROY132: yea

AnGeLgiRrl316: yea

fROY132: I thought you liked her, considering the fact well you know…

AnGeLgiRrl316: she like bitched me out 2day im kinda pissed at her

AnGeLgiRrl316: and i have no idea y

fROY132: what did she say

AnGeLgiRrl316: she was jus talkin so much shit i dont even kno girrl

fROY132: uh alright… girrl?

AnGeLgiRrl316: sry im on my period and PMS’ing

AnGeLgiRrl316: haha

fROY132: hmm you sure?

AnGeLgiRrl316: yea ha sorri

fROY132: yea

fROY132: did you make this screen name just to pretend u were a girl?

AnGeLgiRrl316: im thinking of fingering my self cuz i need 2 feel better
right now !

AnGeLgiRrl316: huh?

fROY132: why did you make this screen name?

AnGeLgiRrl316: what r u talking about!?

AnGeLgiRrl316: u think im a boy?

fROY132: yea i think ur nik

AnGeLgiRrl316: nooo……?

AnGeLgiRrl316: dont u mean nick

fROY132: hahahaha you homo

AnGeLgiRrl316: thats how u spell a guys name

fROY132: thats how u spell YOUR name my love

AnGeLgiRrl316: whos name?!

fROY132: your name…

AnGeLgiRrl316: its me erica y r u calling me a guy!?

fROY132: oh yep sure, who are you again?

AnGeLgiRrl316: and who said i was this boy named..

AnGeLgiRrl316: nik?

AnGeLgiRrl316: shit ur no fun

AnGeLgiRrl316: i wanted 2 fuck with sumone

fROY132: haha

fROY132: sorry I’m just too clever….

fROY132: AND you didnt change ur profile

AnGeLgiRrl316: guess u r

AnGeLgiRrl316: oooo damn it

fROY132: haha

AnGeLgiRrl316: i saved everything and transferred it 2 this aim

fROY132: um yea also known as loading ur settings on a different screen

AnGeLgiRrl316: so it transferred that 2

AnGeLgiRrl316: god

fROY132: hah your so damn smart

AnGeLgiRrl316: yea

AnGeLgiRrl316: o well

AnGeLgiRrl316: g2g

AnGeLgiRrl316: haha

fROY132: hah

fROY132: good luck next time

AnGeLgiRrl316: thx yea i suck

AnGeLgiRrl316: later

fROY132: I know man… talk to you later

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