#8569: Dftn Pny -> MadManWithAnAxe

Dftn Pny: a friend of mine is bragging to me about giving you a hard time…onesicjuggernaut

MadManWithAnAxe: heh

MadManWithAnAxe: He has a friend?

Dftn Pny: I think he is partially drunk.

MadManWithAnAxe: Most likely

MadManWithAnAxe: Does he always bring up penises?

Dftn Pny: Oh yes, he has a fixation.

MadManWithAnAxe: Ehehe, that’s exactly what i told him.

MadManWithAnAxe: Actually, i found the whole conversation so interesting, i saved it.

MadManWithAnAxe: And posted it on the internet

Dftn Pny: where?

MadManWithAnAxe: Do you want a link?

Dftn Pny: please.

MadManWithAnAxe: You sound respectably intelligent.

MadManWithAnAxe: Or maybe it’s just after talking to him so long…..

MadManWithAnAxe: https://www.squackle.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=submit;action=displa

Dftn Pny: well, I think I suppose in relation to him, anyone would seem respectably intelligent

Dftn Pny: ugh

Dftn Pny: see, I just made a type

Dftn Pny: *typo

MadManWithAnAxe: heh

Dftn Pny: ARGH

MadManWithAnAxe: That’s okay.

MadManWithAnAxe: Although it does get pretty annoying when, such as in the case of the juggernaut guy, every sentence contains at least one grammatical error.

Dftn Pny: oh…he is so witty.

MadManWithAnAxe: Very much so.

MadManWithAnAxe: I find his wit to be ever-so-classy.

Dftn Pny: rapier-like wit…

Dftn Pny: so cutting

MadManWithAnAxe: I sometimes find myself dazzled, bewildered even at his complex sentence structure, rich vocabulary, and dry humor.

Dftn Pny: ah yes

Dftn Pny: something you can chuckle at whilst sipping on a nice merlot

MadManWithAnAxe: Ah, yes, the perfect accompionament to such intelligence such as his.

Dftn Pny: MadManWithAnAxe: Did your Daddy fondle you?

Dftn Pny: best.comment.ever.

Dftn Pny: ha…

MadManWithAnAxe: heh

MadManWithAnAxe: No applause neccessary, please.

Dftn Pny: I laugh that the first instrument that comes to his mind is a banjo…

MadManWithAnAxe: Actually it’s in reference to an Ex of mine.

Dftn Pny: I can see him rubbing his sister’s chest while plucking the first few notes to that “Deliverance” song

MadManWithAnAxe: hehehe

MadManWithAnAxe: And getting into a Dueling of the Banjos competition at the old wheat silo.

Dftn Pny: oh lordy…

Dftn Pny: this is good stuff

MadManWithAnAxe: I have other such IM’s as this.

MadManWithAnAxe: On this site.

Dftn Pny: that convo made me giggle

MadManWithAnAxe: Did you finish it?

Dftn Pny: yes

Dftn Pny: alas, I must go. I’m adding you to my buddy list…it’s nice to talk to intelligent humans.

MadManWithAnAxe: Would you like to delve deeper into the vast array of insanity stricken IM’s that have found sanctity in this domain?

MadManWithAnAxe: Eh, okay, i’ll show you them later then.

Dftn Pny: wonderful

Dftn Pny: I shall talk to you later then.

MadManWithAnAxe: Whoa, white pony

MadManWithAnAxe: deftones

MadManWithAnAxe: on your buddy…. icon…thing

Dftn Pny: yes.

MadManWithAnAxe: I was listening to that earlier today.

Dftn Pny: are you not a deftones fan?

Dftn Pny: ah

Dftn Pny: good choice

MadManWithAnAxe: Very much so, i think.

Dftn Pny: you should pick up their new album

MadManWithAnAxe: HA, now i make sense of your screen name.

Dftn Pny: yes…:-)

Dftn Pny: well, I should depart

MadManWithAnAxe: Ta-ta

Dftn Pny: good night.

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