#8568: Onesicjuggernaut -> MadManWithAnAxe

Onesicjuggernaut: you pussy

MadManWithAnAxe: ummm…..

MadManWithAnAxe: you…uhhh..take that back

Onesicjuggernaut: shut the fuck upo

MadManWithAnAxe: or something

Onesicjuggernaut: was i takling to you

MadManWithAnAxe: you weren’t TAKLING anything…

MadManWithAnAxe: i don’t think takling is even actually a word.

Onesicjuggernaut: shut the fuck up

Onesicjuggernaut: wnna be juggalo

Onesicjuggernaut: wanna*

MadManWithAnAxe: umm….no

Onesicjuggernaut: stupid fuck

Onesicjuggernaut: shut up

MadManWithAnAxe: that’s okay

Onesicjuggernaut: was i talking to you

Onesicjuggernaut: ?

MadManWithAnAxe: i don’t like to be catagarized with a bunch of dumb shits such as yourself.

Onesicjuggernaut: ok

Onesicjuggernaut: did i ask you to talk

Onesicjuggernaut: shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: i’m glad you understand

Onesicjuggernaut: when i want your opinion

Onesicjuggernaut: ill talk my dick out of your moms mouth

MadManWithAnAxe: it’s really too bad you can’t be original

MadManWithAnAxe: or creative

MadManWithAnAxe: oooooh he stopped typing i win

MadManWithAnAxe: (that was sarcasm)

MadManWithAnAxe: (mocking you)

MadManWithAnAxe: (you dumb fuck)

Onesicjuggernaut: whats with (these)

MadManWithAnAxe: they’re called parenthases

Onesicjuggernaut: / /( . ) ( . )\ \

Onesicjuggernaut: youll never see those

MadManWithAnAxe: oooooooooooooh

MadManWithAnAxe: Wow…

MadManWithAnAxe: just….wow

MadManWithAnAxe: that was incredibly stupid

MadManWithAnAxe: for you, even

MadManWithAnAxe: i’m shocked

MadManWithAnAxe: i thought you at least had a small intelect

Onesicjuggernaut: heh

Onesicjuggernaut: shut the fuck up

Onesicjuggernaut: lol

MadManWithAnAxe: you have proven me wrong once again

MadManWithAnAxe: aye, me

MadManWithAnAxe: can’t i be right JUST ONCE?!?

MadManWithAnAxe: but no, i have to give you more credit then you’re worth

MadManWithAnAxe: sad times are these

Onesicjuggernaut: MadManWithAnAxe:-D— – — — –

MadManWithAnAxe: umm……

Onesicjuggernaut: then kill yourself

Onesicjuggernaut: duhh

MadManWithAnAxe: that’s a great idea

Onesicjuggernaut: INDEAD

MadManWithAnAxe: but then how will i humor myself with as stupid shits as yourself?

Onesicjuggernaut: look at your penis

MadManWithAnAxe: But to die, and leave people like you alive? That would be a sin in itself.

Onesicjuggernaut: it would humor anyone

MadManWithAnAxe: What is your constant fascination with my penis?

MadManWithAnAxe: Please, explain.

MadManWithAnAxe: Can you lay off the penis talk for one conversation?

MadManWithAnAxe: Just once.

Onesicjuggernaut: its so oooooooo small

Onesicjuggernaut: heh

Onesicjuggernaut: it inverts from a vagina when you snezze

MadManWithAnAxe: Maybe that insult would be effective against another backhills redneck such as yourself

MadManWithAnAxe: but i have much higeher standards

Onesicjuggernaut: at least im not a n*gger

MadManWithAnAxe: ummm…..yeah

Onesicjuggernaut: fubo = Farmest Used to Beast Us

Onesicjuggernaut: Beat*

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: oh god, that would be so funny if you made that up

Onesicjuggernaut: your fucking funny

Onesicjuggernaut: i mean oh shit

MadManWithAnAxe: you mean you’re

Onesicjuggernaut: wharts a 15 year old gonna do

MadManWithAnAxe: your is possesive

MadManWithAnAxe: you’re is the contraction for you are

Onesicjuggernaut: fucking shoot me with his water gun

MadManWithAnAxe: i think that’s what you were going for

MadManWithAnAxe: back there

Onesicjuggernaut: ok who the fuck cares

Onesicjuggernaut: your such a perfectionest

Onesicjuggernaut: kill yuorself

Onesicjuggernaut: you fucking mornman

MadManWithAnAxe: perfectionIst

Onesicjuggernaut: ayye jesus was a cunt

MadManWithAnAxe: that he was, but you’re getting off topic

Onesicjuggernaut: what topic

Onesicjuggernaut: your gay

Onesicjuggernaut: thts the topic

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: that really hurts

MadManWithAnAxe: seriously

MadManWithAnAxe: being called gay…from YOU

MadManWithAnAxe: ouch

Onesicjuggernaut: oh fucking christ aye y dont you take that to 3rd grade

Onesicjuggernaut: where youi left your penis size

MadManWithAnAxe: Nah, I figured i’d tone it down so your uneducated mind
would be able to comprehend.

MadManWithAnAxe: I bet you’re a real prize with the ladies, huh?

Onesicjuggernaut: ok your done

Onesicjuggernaut: shut the fuck up

Onesicjuggernaut: and stop talking to lacy

MadManWithAnAxe: You’ve got …..

Onesicjuggernaut: you cock slobber

MadManWithAnAxe: what the fuck is a ”lacy”

Onesicjuggernaut: your bras

Onesicjuggernaut: niger

Onesicjuggernaut: lol

Onesicjuggernaut: shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: LOL!!!!

MadManWithAnAxe: OMG!!!

MadManWithAnAxe: ROFLMAO!!!

MadManWithAnAxe: wait….that was just gay

MadManWithAnAxe: Please refrain from the penis and homosexually perverted comments from this point forward.

Onesicjuggernaut: y

MadManWithAnAxe: I’ll bet you can’t go three sentences without mentioning a penis somewhere.

Onesicjuggernaut: you worried other people with find out

Onesicjuggernaut: about your “tiny tim”

MadManWithAnAxe: Is it some childhood affixiation with penises?

MadManWithAnAxe: Did your Daddy fondle you?

MadManWithAnAxe: Come on, there has to be some reason you must keep bringing penises into the conversation.

Onesicjuggernaut: yes there is

Onesicjuggernaut: you dont have one

Onesicjuggernaut: and i do

Onesicjuggernaut: so im better

Onesicjuggernaut: oh yeah

Onesicjuggernaut: and becase

Onesicjuggernaut: im white

Onesicjuggernaut: and your notr

Onesicjuggernaut: not*

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: What makes you think i’m not white?

Onesicjuggernaut: your a n*gger

MadManWithAnAxe: Am I, now?

MadManWithAnAxe: How so?

MadManWithAnAxe: Explain your reasoning.

MadManWithAnAxe: Please.

Onesicjuggernaut: your a n*gger

Onesicjuggernaut: duh

Onesicjuggernaut: thats all i have to know

Onesicjuggernaut: well

Onesicjuggernaut: yes you have no penis

Onesicjuggernaut: therefor you are a goat

MadManWithAnAxe: You do realise i’m going to post this conversation on the internet so the whole world can be bewildered by your ignorance, and inixplicable stupidity.

MadManWithAnAxe: And your mindset that leads you to mention penises in every other thought.

Onesicjuggernaut: well

Onesicjuggernaut: eat some fried chicken

MadManWithAnAxe: Annnnnd, just how were you expecting that to be insulting?

Onesicjuggernaut: your black

Onesicjuggernaut: you post it yet

Onesicjuggernaut: fuck

MadManWithAnAxe: Okay, how is calling me black going to make me feel bad?

Onesicjuggernaut: i dont know

Onesicjuggernaut: n*gger

MadManWithAnAxe: Look at it this way, do you get offended if i call you chinese?

Onesicjuggernaut: therre you feal anything?

Onesicjuggernaut: yes

Onesicjuggernaut: lol

MadManWithAnAxe: LOL!!!!!!!

Onesicjuggernaut: they eat rice

MadManWithAnAxe: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Onesicjuggernaut: make shitty cars

Onesicjuggernaut: and to blind fold them you have to use floss

MadManWithAnAxe: Okay, what if i was to refer to you as a native of nstanbul(formely Constantinople) would you be offended?

Onesicjuggernaut: ok stop this shity

Onesicjuggernaut: our trying to make yourself look smart

Onesicjuggernaut: compensating for something are we????

MadManWithAnAxe: I’m TRYING to figure out how you got to be so idiotic.

Onesicjuggernaut: your rubbing off on me

Onesicjuggernaut: now

Onesicjuggernaut: shut the fuxck up

MadManWithAnAxe: See, you went back to the penis thing, AGAIN.

Onesicjuggernaut: nope

Onesicjuggernaut: i didnt

Onesicjuggernaut: i was talking how banjo even turned you down

Onesicjuggernaut: heh

Onesicjuggernaut: you pussy

MadManWithAnAxe: banjo?

Onesicjuggernaut: banjo impailment

Onesicjuggernaut: lol

Onesicjuggernaut: pussy

MadManWithAnAxe: How did she turn me down?

Onesicjuggernaut: she wouldnt kis you when you werre in the lonney bin

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: umm..i think she did

MadManWithAnAxe: But, please, you obviously know more about this than I do.

Onesicjuggernaut: yeah` its those poenis drugs they give you

Onesicjuggernaut: lol

MadManWithAnAxe: that sure was clever

MadManWithAnAxe: you should write that one down

Onesicjuggernaut: no

MadManWithAnAxe: keep it in a little notebook

Onesicjuggernaut: its not that good

Onesicjuggernaut: in fact it sucked

MadManWithAnAxe: no shit

Onesicjuggernaut: like your mom

Onesicjuggernaut: oww


MadManWithAnAxe: okay, okay, write them BOTH down

MadManWithAnAxe: okay, and e-mail them, spread the word of your great humor

MadManWithAnAxe: oh the masses will be delighted when they hear your witty insights on life

Onesicjuggernaut: yes

Onesicjuggernaut: like this #

Onesicjuggernaut: jesus was a cunt

Onesicjuggernaut: la-la-la-la-la

Onesicjuggernaut: i raped her in the name of jesus

MadManWithAnAxe: see, see

Onesicjuggernaut: bow chicka bow now

MadManWithAnAxe: people will love this

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: it’ll make them feel smart

MadManWithAnAxe: You should have your own sitcom

Onesicjuggernaut: you mkae them feel atractive

Onesicjuggernaut: now SHUT THE FUCK UP

MadManWithAnAxe: just so you can say ”now shut the fuck up” every week

Onesicjuggernaut: fucker

Onesicjuggernaut: i say it everyday

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: *canned laughter*

MadManWithAnAxe: It’ll be great!

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

Onesicjuggernaut: 😉

MadManWithAnAxe: We can have Deborah Harry sing the theme song.

MadManWithAnAxe: Ooooh, i’m sure america will just love it.

MadManWithAnAxe: Their favorite retard, saying ”now shut the fuck up” EVERY WEEK!

Onesicjuggernaut: who the FUCK is that

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: ooooh, i got an idea

MadManWithAnAxe: say ”now shut the fuck up” in ALL CAPS

MadManWithAnAxe: it’ll be more affective

MadManWithAnAxe: better yet, put exclamation points after it

MadManWithAnAxe: That’ll make it penetrate deeper.

MadManWithAnAxe: Give their senses a good shaking

Onesicjuggernaut: NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

Onesicjuggernaut: NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

Onesicjuggernaut: LIKE THAT

MadManWithAnAxe: YEAH!

Onesicjuggernaut: YOU PANSY

MadManWithAnAxe: EXCATLY

Onesicjuggernaut: NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

MadManWithAnAxe: oooooh, I gotta love the all caps

Onesicjuggernaut: you liek it

MadManWithAnAxe: Does it make you feel like a real man?

Onesicjuggernaut: ‘becuase there big

Onesicjuggernaut: and your not

Onesicjuggernaut: fucking my gfs make me feal like a man

Onesicjuggernaut: heh

Onesicjuggernaut: you wouldnt know

MadManWithAnAxe: ummm……

MadManWithAnAxe: yeah

MadManWithAnAxe: you got me there

MadManWithAnAxe: although you’re off

MadManWithAnAxe: just a tad bit

MadManWithAnAxe: taking into account all my girlfriends

MadManWithAnAxe: and all the sex

Onesicjuggernaut: although you’re off fucking your mom

Onesicjuggernaut: muhahahahaahhaha

Onesicjuggernaut: dude

Onesicjuggernaut: if they blow up

MadManWithAnAxe: HOLY CRAP! you used YOU’RE!

Onesicjuggernaut: or are made of latex


Onesicjuggernaut: or if they scream no no no im a quadraplegic

Onesicjuggernaut: it doesnt count

Onesicjuggernaut: cuase copy pasted

Onesicjuggernaut: numb nuts

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: Quad-ra-pa-le-gic…..5 syllables!!!!

MadManWithAnAxe: Christ, you’re really making progress.

Onesicjuggernaut: on your mom

Onesicjuggernaut: ahahhahaha

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: My mom?

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the
fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now
shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck
up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut
the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up
now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the
fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: I’m not going to bother reading all that.

Onesicjuggernaut: good

MadManWithAnAxe: I’ll just assume that it says now shut the fuck up over and over

Onesicjuggernaut: here ill make it eassy

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: Oh, thanks.

MadManWithAnAxe: You’ve been a real life-saver.

Onesicjuggernaut: good

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: Without you, who knows how long i would’ve spent reading all that.

Onesicjuggernaut: are you still talking jesus ive been pasting now shut fuck up this whole time you fucking douche bag go fuck a goat or somthing you pathetic cockmaster

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: You should really learn to use commas, and other common literary tools.

Onesicjuggernaut: now shut the fuck up

MadManWithAnAxe: Such as apostrophes.

Onesicjuggernaut: lol

Onesicjuggernaut: i dont care

MadManWithAnAxe: It’ll make you look….how you say…less retarded.

MadManWithAnAxe: Okay, well, i’m going now to…ummm…what’s something completely idiotic that you would actually say…..oh, i’m going to fuck a goat.

MadManWithAnAxe: goodbye

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