#8571: somedude1616 -> fROY132

somedude1616: hey

fROY132: hey

somedude1616: this is nik

fROY132: oo

somedude1616: lets do it

somedude1616: ur so god damn hot

fROY132: what?

somedude1616: i love you

somedude1616: screw jon and dump him and lets just fuck all night you hot mother fucker

fROY132: oh baby, you always manage to turn me on

somedude1616: seriously hun

fROY132: really

somedude1616: yessssss!!!!!!!!

fROY132: yea well hmm, I dont think this is nik

somedude1616: why not?

somedude1616: ask me anything my baby

fROY132: hmm alright

fROY132: what did we talk about a few nights ago?

somedude1616: Jon

fROY132: oo ur wrong my love, even though I do talk about his sexy ass a lot

somedude1616: jk

fROY132: haha

fROY132: oh man you covered that up good

somedude1616: how my penis is small

fROY132: no, but it is kinda on the tiny side

somedude1616: lol, bitch

somedude1616: ok but i dont know

somedude1616: what did we talk about

fROY132: dude u dont remember?

somedude1616: i honestly dont remember

fROY132: well i honestly think ur not nik

somedude1616: my somedude1414 got deleted tho!

fROY132: really

somedude1616: cause my comp has a virus

fROY132: haha

fROY132: how’d you get it?

fROY132: thats what I thought

somedude1616: it an instakiss virus

fROY132: haha, I love you man

fROY132: do u even know anything about computers?

fROY132: …and impersonating people that you aren’t

somedude1616: it was like one of those aol things well it was like that and i typed in my aol sn and password and then it took my password and fucked everything and sent emails and put somethin in my comp

fROY132: haha

fROY132: aw

somedude1616: ok im not fucking joking u fucking faggot

fROY132: hah well, sorry to say but you’re not on niks computer right now…

fROY132: oo dude come on dont swear at me I thought we were tight you know

somedude1616: no i jk ur not a fucking faggot, your a reallllllyyy hot woman

somedude1616: that does stuff with other guys

somedude1616: jk

fROY132: that was cute considering jon THINKS I’m a slut right now, aren’t you the one who was “jokingly” telling him all that shit about the party? you dumbass

somedude1616: im at my friends

somedude1616: u retard

fROY132: really, I think you’re just lieing to me because I’m just that
cool to you

somedude1616: ya u fuck

fROY132: you used that already

somedude1616: ok u fuck

somedude1616: lets fuck u fucking fuck i want you so fucking much right now

fROY132: dude we had this talk…

somedude1616: jon told me how all ur guys positions u no the ones u like the nost

fROY132: howd you learn them? I hope your not saying you did stuff with him.. uh oh look wohs the cheater now…

somedude1616: no, he wouldn’t cheat like you would

fROY132: dude stop being a homo

somedude1616: how do u know about computers

somedude1616: nerd

fROY132: haha

fROY132: well first of all its easy to tell who owns a screen name and second of all I’m not STUPID

fROY132: so I’m not really the person u should be lying to

somedude1616: since this isnt nik and the person who made this (me) had a virus and it fucked my computer up

fROY132: do you even know what you;re talking about

fROY132: so who is this

somedude1616: i dunno

somedude1616: kyle

fROY132: nope

somedude1616: haha and jon

fROY132: guess again

fROY132: dude do you seriously think I dont konw you are

somedude1616: yes

fROY132: haha

somedude1616: i guarantee u dont know who this is

fROY132: hahahha

somedude1616: ya

fROY132: really

somedude1616: ok then baby who

somedude1616: is this

somedude1616: miss slut

somedude1616: eat my ass

somedude1616: ok i wil tell u if it is me

somedude1616: if u find out who this is

fROY132: i know who this is

fROY132: and I checked a bunch of stuff to make sure

somedude1616: =o

somedude1616: who is it

fROY132: dj

somedude1616: fuck

somedude1616: hahahah

fROY132: yea I’m killing you next time I see you I hope you know

somedude1616: howd u know

somedude1616: hahaha

fROY132: so u downloaded dead AIM or AIM+ or whatever the hell it is?

fROY132: dude it was obvious haha

fROY132: guess what

somedude1616: what

fROY132: nvm

somedude1616: dead aim bitch

somedude1616: hahahah

somedude1616: jkjkjk

fROY132: dude yea ur cool now

somedude1616: sorry that was kyle

somedude1616: its dj and pat tho

fROY132: yea nik tried ur advanced cloneing techniques on me and he wasnt that good at it either

somedude1616: haha

somedude1616: dude hes gayyyyyy

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