Wang rape O_O

st00pidlilgrl: Rufus_is_Rich Rapes Rikku’s mouth with his wang.

Little Yuffers: Santa dont go Yuffie Demon on us

zerosou: Guilty Gear rocks.

Little Yuffers: Oo

Rufus_is_Rich: Hi, how are you?

st00pidlilgrl: LMAO

st00pidlilgrl: that was the day before yesterday I believe XB!!

lenne_ffx: Rikku?! O_O

st00pidlilgrl: Hmm

st00pidlilgrl: Ya

st00pidlilgrl: She was a newb

st00pidlilgrl: XD

st00pidlilgrl: and he was scaring her off LMAO

lenne_ffx: Niiiice..

lenne_ffx: Take him home to meet mom!

st00pidlilgrl: thats his ‘greeting’

lenne_ffx: ^_~

st00pidlilgrl: lmmfao

lenne_ffx: He’s a real slickster..

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