AOL sucks, and you know why?

When you call them and tell them AOL fucked up, I think they blame it’s your OS because they don’t want you to quit using AOL because they want the money from you and they don’t care about your problems. And they say AOL is so easy to use. Yeah right. Half the time the buttons freeze, the damn web-pages don’t load, and all my other internet programs (mIRC, Internet Explorer, Telnet) are not working, maybe because AOL is programmed to shut down all other internet applications except itself. And they say AOL is so friendly. Bullshit. Why, I don’t know how many IMs I’ve got from weirdos advertising porn. Most unmoderated member created chatrooms are corrupted; full of teenage agast, insults, and half-brained idiots saying things like “u sux” and “ur gay” and “a/s/l” and “hey wanna cybr?”

It makes me sick!


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