#8563: justthe2ofus1994 -> Firestarter

justthe2ofus1994: she sure did

Firestarter: i like soup

Firestarter: you are a coffee

justthe2ofus1994: sure

Firestarter: i thought so

justthe2ofus1994: really??????

Firestarter: yeah i have esp

justthe2ofus1994: wat does that mean

Firestarter: extra sensory perseption

Firestarter: retard

justthe2ofus1994: fag

Firestarter: you spealt what rong

Firestarter: qweer

justthe2ofus1994: u gotta death wish

Firestarter: hold it hold it im not done spankin the monkey

justthe2ofus1994: sure

Firestarter: ohhhhh there we gooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

justthe2ofus1994: ok

Firestarter: ugh its all over the keyboard

justthe2ofus1994: if yur gonna say ugh to me look in the mirror

Firestarter: c’mon stupid

Firestarter: you can do better than that.

justthe2ofus1994: bring it prick

Firestarter: ouch.

Firestarter: that hurts

Firestarter: really

Firestarter: espeacially coming from you

justthe2ofus1994: it should

Firestarter: you have no taste of sarcasm do you?

justthe2ofus1994: yup

Firestarter: you are truly stupid

Firestarter: you give new meaning to the word

justthe2ofus1994: speak for yur self

Firestarter: only if you learn to speak chinese


Firestarter: what are you laughing at?

Firestarter: retard

justthe2ofus1994: yur ugly face

Firestarter: you dont even know what i look like.

justthe2ofus1994: a nerd

Firestarter: how can i be hurt by an insult that has no grounds of truth

Firestarter: really.

Firestarter: cmon cancha type?

Firestarter: stupid

Firestarter: cmon cancha type?

justthe2ofus1994: im only 12

Firestarter: youre still retarded.

justthe2ofus1994: i get it from u

Firestarter: youre probably mid forties.

Firestarter: pretending to be 12

justthe2ofus1994: no

Firestarter: 😐

justthe2ofus1994: no

justthe2ofus1994: i dont lie

Firestarter: sure you dont

Firestarter: liar!

Firestarter: it doesn’t matter anyway i posted this coversation on a site called www.squackle.com

Firestarter: that means all can see your idiocy

justthe2ofus1994: thats nice

justthe2ofus1994: and yours

liberty_spiked_patriot: i was the one shaming you

justthe2ofus1994: yhats nice

Firestarter: your insults were weak and had no substance anyway

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