How to Make Dalek Stew

1 – find a Dalek
2 – exterminate it before it exterminates you
3 – open the head hatch and pull the hideous Kaled mutant out
4 – cut and dice the mutant into meaty chunks
5 – put the diced Kaled chunks back into the Dalek shell
6 – pour 5 litres of water in
7 – chop up lots of vegetables and throw them in
8 – add salt and pepper with a hint of chilli powder
9 – add a hint of beer
10 – add 2 litres of gravy
11 – put the Dalek shell containing the Dalek stew onto a large gas stove and heat it at 250 degrees celsius for 3 hours
12 – open up the hatch, grab some bowls and a ladle and serve yourself and your mates Dalek stew
13 – EAT EAT EAT Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

This is a Dalek:

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