Kill the Dummies (PC) Review

Developer: PG Games

  Kill the Dummies (PC) (3.9 MiB, 1,080 hits)

Game by PG Games, made with Game Maker.


This game is like a retarded dream, and it only gets worse from there…This is the description of the game it gives in the readme file: The object of the game is to kill all the dummies in three levels for so little time as possible. Game may contain some violence and blood, but just remember: Don’t do this in real-life! If you do, you are an idiot and don’t blame us when you’re in court! Moohahahaha *Grin*.

Now I would see this impossible to do, because we are not floating hands with claws coming out of them, nor are we a sword that is randomly put into the game.


They suck the hair right off my ass. The backgrounds are the only thing that look any good, and they’re the things that make the game so fucking big.


I like the title screen music. This is probably the only thing that you would want to do with this game. Listen to the theme song, then close it, but if you know what it is, you should get the midi instead of this game. Well, the rest of the midis used in the game are alright too…


The moving hand with claws coming out of it moves so badly, and when you attack, the hand goes to the other side ah who cares no ones gonna play this fucking game. Its really bad.

Crappiest part:

the programmer behind the game. There is no creativity in the game at all, except from the people that made the MIDIs in the first place.

Overall Score:

This game took me 20 minutes to download, and it only gave me 83 seconds of play. This is NOT worth the download, and it makes me wonder why the FUCK this is even 4 megs. I came to the conclusion that it was the backgrounds, and he used them as bitmaps…this game is horrible. 1/10.

  Kill the Dummies (PC) (3.9 MiB, 1,080 hits)

Game by PG Games, made with Game Maker.

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