Johnny (PC) Review

Developer: PG Games

  Johnny (PC) (7.1 MiB, 1,068 hits)

Game by PG Games, made with Game Maker.


Going to the PG Games website is so perplexing to me, because there are so many horrible games that are so not worth downloading that I get the feeling that I must have them before they are gone forever, because no one downloads them. One of those fascinating games is….the oddly named Johnny. The name Johnny has nothing to do with anything in the game. There are no words in this game. Its funny, cause in the help file it says that the story was made by the guy that made the game, but low and behold there ain’t no fuckin story. I’m still in awe at the fact that this fucking game is 8 megs. What the fuck is with that, you might ask, for this game being so crappy just by one glance at the pictures? The mp3, is what it is. Its a fairly good techno song though, and that’s the only good thing about this game. I’m happy that I actually got this game, so I could get my hands on that succulent techno song that goes so not well with anything happening in the game.


First of all, everything about this game scares me. The Johnny guy has a smile that I originally thought was a beard, but i guess it was just the black background (which is also scary, because there’s nothing there, its just black.), and there’s naked purple aliens everywhere, throwing their shitflames, and these weird eye tower things, and these weird sack things that don’t do anything but move around. Everything graphical wise in this game sucks dick. There’s not even an animation for the guy walking. There’s no animation at all, and there’s no separate picture for walking backwards, he just slides backwards or forwards, or jumps into the air really high.


Like I said before, the song is good. There aren’t any sound effects though. Which is probably a good thing.


You jump…and go straight. You can’t see where you’re going at all though, because the view is always not far enough to the right to see anything.

Crappiest part:

The crappiest part would be everything minus the music. More work probably went into finding the music than the rest of the game.

Overall Score:

(insert fog horn sound). This game isn’t worth getting unless you want to listen to the song. I give it a 1/10. The 1 is for the song.

  Johnny (PC) (7.1 MiB, 1,068 hits)

Game by PG Games, made with Game Maker.

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  1. PG Games made (makes?) the absolute worst games I’ve ever played in my life. You could dedicate a whole website to their crappiness, and someone probably already has.

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