LEGO Island (PC) Review

Developer/Publisher: Mindscape and LEGO


In LEGO Island, you can be 5 different people. And you can do different things…as the 5 different people…and you can interactively walk around an island…called LEGO Island. And everything is made out of LEGOs! WOW! And all the LEGO people don’t know they were created by the leading innovator in the building blocks industry.


The graphics in the game are actually pretty cool. But it doesn’t work on Windows XP, so I can’t really see the graphics anymore. But its actually pretty good for a game that came out before the turn of the century. Boy…isn’t it great that I can say that?


The sound is spectacular!!!!!111 I just love stupid LEGO people talking to me and me talking to them (not actually) and going through 10 minutes with the old information guy telling me what to do. I don’t care about you old man! YOU SHOULD DIE! IF I WANTED ANY HELP FROM YOU I WOULD HAVE CLICKED ON YOU, BUT I DIDN’T SO STOP TALKING ARRRRGHH!!4


Point and click…there’s different things you can do in this game. Like race in a race that is almost impossible to win, deliver the same pizza to the same place over and over, or chase a stupid burglar everywhere around the island. That is actually the best part of the game (chasing a burglar that is). You go through the mountains, you go through the city, and you never seem to catch him ever. I don’t think I caught him when I played this on my older piece of crap computer (but at least this game worked on it, i guess i had a reason to be happy to have it), cause the only thing I did do on this computer was get these ultra cool screen shots that have the game not displaying correctly! I’m so cool.

Crappiest Part:

How it is poorly made, and how it doesn’t work on Windows XP (at least I can’t figure out how to make it display correctly, not like I’d really want it to, now that I think about it)

Overall Score:

I probably would’ve liked this game better if i were 4 years old, with a piece of crap computer that could run this game correctly, but in the end this game just sucks. Do me a favor and boycott all LEGO software. It makes no sense too. If you want to play with LEGOs, buy one from the LEGO section, not the software section. I don’t wanna build things on the computer. “hey mom, look what I uncreatively made on the computer, with the help of my LEGO software!”


6 thoughts on “LEGO Island (PC) Review”

  1. Old comments:

    Guest – Feb 17th, 2006, 2:47am
    it wont work on my xp!

    Guest – Apr 15th, 2004, 8:08am
    I liked it when I was a little kid but not any more.

    davepoobond – Apr 23rd, 2003, 8:01pm
    this game sucks

  2. Go back playing your shitty ass runescape, this game is better than every other game because its fun to play.

  3. You don’t know what you’re saying. This game is awesome.
    “Do me a favor and boycott all LEGO software”
    are you out of your mind? LEGO games are awesome. From the old days of Island, Rock Raiders and Racers to the newer movie-based games.
    Sure better than most games.

  4. This game is obviously not good, but it does not deserve a score like that! I enjoyed it when I was young. Maybe I will give it a 4.5/10.

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