The Mystery of Shakespere

Note: I wrote this for school.


The mystery of Shakespeare is a very controversial issue. Uprising as a conspiracy in the last couple hundred of years, it is said that William Shakespeare himself actually didn’t write the plays, poems, and other works of art. There is proof that a William Shakespeare was born, shown on a birth certificate, and that he went to London to become an actor, shown on programs that had his name on it, being a character in the play.


Evidence that Shakespeare himself didn’t write the plays is that in the plays, it shows a sense of education that Shakespeare might not have known anything at all about, such as the great battles in other countries, history of different countries, and more that a son of a glover would most likely never know about, even if he did go to school.


The man that most people think is the real person that wrote all the works, was a man named DuVere. He was of royalty, and lived in the royal palace of England. He knew Queen Elizabeth, and had a private tutor that would have taught him everything that he needed to write the plays, poems, and others.


DuVere would have known the Duke of New Hampton, a man that has shown up in a lot of the Shakespearean sonnets, unlike William Shakespeare, who was just an actor.


DuVere wrote the plays and such, but put them under Shakespeare’s name, so that no one would find out he was the one that wrote them, because it was Un-Christian to write these things.

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