I remember a time where there were more than just one 10-10 number. 10-10-220, is the only one around anymore that you hear about. 10-10 numbers used to be everywhere you looked. There was 10-10-900, 10-10-100, 10-10-Prostitute, almost anything! But for some reason, they all disappeared, and 10-10-220 remained.

Now, I don’t know what happened to all those other annoying faggot ass 10-10 numbers, but 10-10-220 gets even more annoying with every new commercial. They use washed up actors (ALF) and once-popular-but-not-anymore sports figures (Mike Piazza, Hulk Hogan) and stupid country singers. They put them in stupid situations that wouldn’t happen in a million years, like that country singer guy and Mike Piazza playing darts and wanting some crappy chicken.

Now, I’m getting pissed off at stupid ALF and stupid Mike Piazza even more. Y’know what? They should put Mike Piaza and ALF in the same show. A talk show, like Regis and ____ (I put the blank because lately Regis has been trading hosts around like people at a 10 person orgy). It will be the worst show ever. And Hulk Hogan will be one of the band guys and they’ll have allegedly gay people on to interview like Ryan Seacrest and that stupid host from Married By America. But that’s a different rant.

Terry Bradshaw is another sucker that has fell into the 10-10-220 vortex. Recnetly I saw another commercial with a gopher somehow getting a dollar, and then Terry, who already has millions of dollars, goes down the gopher hole and hilarity(?) ensues….Good job Terry, you got a buck, so you can make a 20 minute phone call. Yaaaaay! DIE TERRY BRADSHAW YOU AND 10-10-220!

FUCK YOU 10-10-220! Why don’t you save YOURSELF 10 cents a minute by stopping your commercials and 10-10-die!

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