USA: College Drinking Out Of Control

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Drinking alcohol has been around for as long as we can remember, but it isn’t until now that we realize the fatal effects and consequences of this horrific drug.

Drinking excessively can do many things to our brain that make us loose control of our body. You can’t think, walk, or even talk right. There are three parts of the brain that are effected while drinking; the cerebrum, cerebellum, and the medulla. The cerebrum controls recognition, vision, reasoning, and emotions. Drinking at only .01-.30% can damage and control these emotions. Next is the Cerebellum, which coordinates movement like walking. This is effected at .15-.35%. Last is the medulla, which is effected when someone drinks more than their body can handle. It controls heartbeat and breathing and can make them stop at levels as low as .30%. The effects of drinking at these levels are horrible. The short-term effects that most intermediate drinkers get are hangovers, which may include a headache and maybe still some uncordination. The things that most people overlook are the long-term effects, which effect your liver, lungs and nervous system. Whether drinking effects you in the long run or in a short-term way, the fact it that drinking alcohol will effect you no matter what.

When people think about drinking, they usually know the afterward effects, but they usually forget about the consequences of it. While being drunk, you usually cannot control your actions the way you to. Last year, 600,000 college students were assaulted by another who was drinking, and another 70,000 college students were sexually assaulted. Also, 400,000 college students had unprotected sex because of intoxication. This leads to many things like pregnancy and diseases like HIV, STDS. Since drinking controls most of your actions and thoughts, there is much violence and academic consequences. Over 25% of the people that drink in colleges have damaged property and/or have academic consequences. When college students drink, they don’t even think about death, but the truth is that when you are drunk, you can pass out, throw up, choke on your own vomit, and die. There are many other ways of death as well. Last year, 2.1 million college students drove under the influence, and another 1,400 students die a year from alcohol related injuries. 150,000 other students tried to commit suicide because of drinking. College students shouldn’t drink if they don’t know that the effects are sexually transmitted diseases, property destruction, and even death.

College drinkers are the largest portions of drinkers in the U.S. Controlling college drinking would control the rest of societies drinking. And since alcohol is the biggest drug used by college students, then if they stopped drinking, it would stop at least 50% of drugs used. The fact is that college drinking is out of control, and if you can stop that, you can stop drug abuse everywhere.

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