USA: School Shootings and Whatever

Great. Another thing to worry about. Now we can’t even go to a place that we don’t want to without the risk of being killed. This is a stupid thing, that is just one more obstacle until you get out of school. not only do we have to get a passing GPA, pass a high school exit exam that had an essay that forces you to write about hummingbirds, not drop out, and get a good citizenship grade, we have to worry about how not to get killed, or if you will see a guy running down the halls of your school firing off shotguns and shit like that, and know how to get the fuck away without dying in the process. All your hard work wouldn’t mean a shit to anything if you die, and that time you spent on all the school and homework was wasted, when you could have been at home, for instance, doing something constructive, like watching TV, or writing stuff for Squackle!. Pretty stupid, huh?

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