Adman’s Endless Babble

i really like those catch phrases that are not real words, or just happen to be dumb like:

waka waka waka – someone from the muppets

wa wa wa – chachi on happy days

whutyoutalkinboutwillis – arnold from different strokes

lucy, youb goss som splainin to doooo – ricky from I love lucy

waaaaaaaaa – lucy from i love lucy

wEll – sammantha (sam) from Bewitched

I smell trouble! – dog, from cat dog

I’M READY – sponge bob square pants, from eh, himself

super doppler 7 – some chick from abc 7

beltway – some chick from abc 7

mumblemumblemumble adam – my mom

i also really like breaking old computers, like a tandy 2000 i came across, the piece of scheiss didnt even tell the time correctly, so i stripped the boards for components and crushed it into powered silicon, and shot the dust, and pissed on it (my cat too, i mean, he pissed on it too, i didnt piss on her…), and then i buirried some of my dead birds with it, and… ummmm, put dirt on it….

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