Adman’s Killer Instinct

as I lay prone, still, almost lifeless in appearance, holding my dasiy and sighting in on the unlucky pest, I watched carefully in apprehension of being spotted, I could only take one shot, they would pinpoint me with two, trying hard to remain part of the woods, adjusting my ghillie, repositioning my grip, I took a deap breath and exhaled it slowly, an icy chill came about my whole body as if foreshadowing my fate, I took careful aim, only to stop to doulbe check my action, “a bit of dirt couldent hurt it more than to dull its luster” I told myself, another breath I took, only to exhale and hold at that point, aiming carefully I slowly pulled the trigger back, feeling the last of the slack, I let my finger tighten, hold and rechecking my aim, I finished the pull with a slight jerk, holding my aim as to make sure the shot had cleared the barell, the black mass of feathers landed with a dull thud and an explosion of others, I knew that one was all I could take today, holding my aim as I stood, slowly I drew a Beretta from my side, creeping up on the downed animial I worried much of the condition of my pistol, if it were indeed loaded, the action may be flushed with mud, a misfire could mean death, but I kept on, almost 10 yards from the beast, I slowed my pace, almost to a halt, when examining the lifeless mass more closely, it seemed most reasuring to me that this animal was totally still, foolishly I holstered my weapon and drew closer, knealing at the kill, I started at it, he lay there dead, I redrew my weapon and placed 15 rounds into the body of the bird, stuck a stick through him, and hurled his ass into my neighbors yard, hehehe

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