#7635: Bklynzballer -> davepoobond

This happened on July 8, 2001.

Bklynzballer: yo jason

davepoobond: hey. do you know someone named pinkfairy?

Bklynzballer: no

davepoobond: er…the sn

davepoobond: she thought i was somone named Chris

davepoobond: and this guy named Jeff told her my sn

davepoobond: and her name is Ashley

davepoobond: do any of these names ring a bell?

Bklynzballer: why didnt u bring ure pliers

davepoobond: …ahhh

Bklynzballer: huh?

Bklynzballer: ???

davepoobond: cuz i didnt have any

davepoobond: they broke

Bklynzballer: we were suppose to kick bens ass

davepoobond: yeah, well, sorry

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