#7636: Bklynzballer -> MyLeftTesticle

This took place on July 8, 2001.

Bklynzballer: ben im gunna jump u

Bklynzballer: me and jay

MyLeftTesticle: Oh really?

Bklynzballer: ya

Bklynzballer: u got, lucky i didnt have my pliers

MyLeftTesticle: Sure. Well, I’m going to have to get my gang, the Neo West Side, to kick your ass if you do jump me.

Bklynzballer: sure sure

MyLeftTesticle: Don’t believe me?

Bklynzballer: nope

MyLeftTesticle: Just go ahead and jump me then.

Bklynzballer: i’ll get the bloods on you

MyLeftTesticle: Dude, I’m second in rank of the Bloods, you dolt.

Bklynzballer: sure u are ben….sure u are

MyLeftTesticle: Yeah, you’ll be thinking that when we tag your house tonight.

Bklynzballer: go head..

Bklynzballer: thanks for the threat

MyLeftTesticle: No problem. I like to give my victims a heads up before we waste ’em.

Bklynzballer: well…ill just tell the cops “you blood member”

MyLeftTesticle: Tell the cops and my gang will kill you.

Bklynzballer: kill me

Bklynzballer: hehehehehe

MyLeftTesticle: You’re right. I’m not really in a gang.

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