#7631: Bklynzballer -> davepoobond

Note: Holmes told Bklynzballer davepoobond’s sn, and said his name was Jason. This took place on July 7, 2001.

Bklynzballer: yo jason…

Bklynzballer: its me mike

davepoobond: hey mike. how’s it goin

Bklynzballer: good you?

davepoobond: same same

Bklynzballer: see u in skool tommorrow

davepoobond: ok…thats good

davepoobond: but if i’m not there, i’m dead

davepoobond: so, i leave you all my personal possesions

Bklynzballer: man…remeber wen i cracked up holmes

Bklynzballer: lol…cool

davepoobond: you know, my secret stash

Bklynzballer: ill run the buissness

davepoobond: yeah, thanks man. i knew i can count on you

Bklynzballer: sure….sure…..

Bklynzballer: lol…ill take care of our buissness

Bklynzballer: got ure bbgun?

davepoobond: yeah, but i ran out of ammo

davepoobond: i have to buy some more

Bklynzballer: i got metal pebbles

davepoobond: thats good, what for though?

davepoobond: you just have metal pebbles lying around the house?

Bklynzballer: bb gun………

Bklynzballer: yea…

davepoobond: oh

Bklynzballer: im gunna run the bond buissness soon

davepoobond: bond for bondage

Bklynzballer: thats right…

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