#7630: Bklynzballer -> Holmes

This took place on July 7, 2001

Bklynzballer: yo mike….wutup?

Holmes: nothin much what up with you?

Bklynzballer: nuttin….me and tracy went to the bathroom

Holmes: wow bounce wit me dawg!

Bklynzballer: lol….we worked with rubber…hehehehe

Bklynzballer: u speak to her?

Holmes: nah sick today


Holmes: yeah no shit

Bklynzballer: ashley wants to date you

Holmes: eww tell that bicth to bounce

Bklynzballer: lol

Bklynzballer: i told her you would come over today …with …..RUBBER

Holmes: what’d that biatch say

Bklynzballer: she said for real in a real geaky tone ..i said no shit

Holmes: shes a man-whore

Bklynzballer: my little friend cALLED you yesterday

Bklynzballer: did you hear a little kid saying is holmes there lol?

Holmes: yup

Bklynzballer: thatz zack…neighbor

Bklynzballer: wut you say?

Holmes: nothin

Bklynzballer: oo


Bklynzballer: he said your answer machine was gay…..

Holmes: sorry for caps

Bklynzballer: lol

Holmes: yeah it’s gay

Holmes: i deleted the message

Holmes: i’ll get your playboys tommorow

Holmes: almost forogt about em

Bklynzballer: i got chyna

Holmes: wtf is chyna

Bklynzballer: wwf superstar chyna

Holmes: o her

Bklynzballer: yup….she looks like ashley

Bklynzballer: lol….man im gettin my money back

Bklynzballer: unless you want it

Holmes: nah

Bklynzballer: k

Bklynzballer: me and tracy are going to hit it off

Holmes: dawg that is so cooool…you gettin that ass on ur dick

Holmes: ?

Bklynzballer: yup…dam rite

Bklynzballer: comeova man

Holmes: dayammmmmmmmn bounce wit me

Bklynzballer: tracys ova

Holmes: she just came

Bklynzballer: yea…….shes gunna blow me…yo i swear

Bklynzballer: no one home

Holmes: holy shit

Holmes: and you want my ass there?

Bklynzballer: your gunna film it

Holmes: lol my video cameras busted, remeber that shit? lol i never seen you flip so much

Bklynzballer: i kno

Holmes: you owe me a new one, wanna-be-johnny-knoxville

Bklynzballer: whos ure best friend in school?

Holmes: Ben, that kid that sits in your math class, you guys haven’t chilled together though, you should

Bklynzballer: mine is tracys ass…which im feeling now….

Holmes: damn! put it on your dick and bounce wit it

Bklynzballer: ben acts queer

Bklynzballer: no fence to u….i just dont like him

Holmes: o well

Holmes: not the end of the world

Bklynzballer: i kno

Holmes: whats tracy doin now

Bklynzballer: werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fucking

Bklynzballer: dude ……i owe u so many things

Bklynzballer: im not a virgin im not a virgin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holmes: no shit, like that noteboook you busted up by smashing it on your head

Holmes: great goin, genius

Bklynzballer: jeez…i cant remeber all this shit wut else

Holmes: man the noteboook must have knocked your brain out!

Bklynzballer: son…this sex buissness hurts..

Holmes: take it like a man

Bklynzballer: wut else did i fuck up

Holmes: your head

Bklynzballer: lol…u ever have sex?

Holmes: DUH! of course

Bklynzballer: wit who

Holmes: your mom lol

Holmes: just playin with you dude

Bklynzballer: grrrrrrrrrrrr…………

Bklynzballer: lol

Holmes: a girl named stephany back in 9th grade

Bklynzballer: dude…..9th grade?

Bklynzballer: shit

Holmes: yea

Holmes: bounce wit me

Bklynzballer: wut else did i break of yours?

Holmes: my eminem cd

Holmes: you almost broke my fan

Bklynzballer: o yea….eminem sucks anyways….good thing i broke it

Holmes: biatch that ain’t the point! it was my cd

Bklynzballer: lol hehehe

Bklynzballer: crap how i can brake things…owell…

Bklynzballer: didnt i almost brake your cd player?

Holmes: ALMOST!

Holmes: HA

Holmes: you did!

Holmes: broke the fast forward button

Bklynzballer: wow….next on my hitlist is ……ps2

Holmes: you bust my ps2 and i’ll bust a cap

Bklynzballer: hehehehe

Bklynzballer: son…i can bust you up

Bklynzballer: dam….dude…zacks here

Holmes: who the hell is zack

Bklynzballer: hey mike..zack here

Bklynzballer: the kid you wer talking to yesterday

Holmes: oh

Bklynzballer: how many lines you have?

Holmes: lines?

Bklynzballer: phone lines

Holmes: 2

Bklynzballer: zacks gunna call you now….lol hehehe

Bklynzballer: k?

Bklynzballer: i have to go bye

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