#7629: Bklynzballer -> Holmes

Note: Holmes doesnt know how Bklynzballer got his sn. This took place on July 6, 2001.

This guy Bklynzballer was really a screwed up fella. We had a lot of stuff from him that was just IMs and chat rooms stuff. Starting from this post, you’ll go through each day as the things happened. We don’t know how, but he got Holmes’s sn first..this is everything we have about him. We don’t know if he thought we were actual people he knew or if he was bullshitting us the whole time…

Bklynzballer: want a pic of my char?

Holmes: why

Bklynzballer: this is mike from school

Holmes: seriously

Holmes: ?

Bklynzballer: yea

Holmes: howd you get the sn

Bklynzballer: i just found you in my buddyslist

Bklynzballer: so…you going to school tommorrow

Holmes: oh

Holmes: yeah

Holmes: so i’ll see you 5th period?

Holmes: ?

Bklynzballer: yea

Bklynzballer: so who do you like

Bklynzballer: like girls in school

Holmes: i like tracy

Holmes: shes got an ass like a mule

Bklynzballer: ewwww

Bklynzballer: sick f***

Bklynzballer: i like ashley

Bklynzballer: she has tits like a dog….

Holmes: EW that bitch has a beard of pimples

Bklynzballer: lol…just kidding

Holmes: i was about to say

Bklynzballer: i dont know why but tracy asked me out

Holmes: really? what’d you say?

Bklynzballer: i said k

Bklynzballer: were going out friday

Holmes: damn try to save some for me

Bklynzballer: im going to get the ass on my dick

Holmes: during spanish she passed a note saying “tengo un regallo para tu”, i dunno what that means…

Holmes: you go boy-eeee!

Bklynzballer: hehehe

Holmes: makes me wish i hadn’t slept in spanish class

Bklynzballer: it means she has something for you

Holmes: oh

Holmes: well good to know

Bklynzballer: man…well im going grab that ass all night

Bklynzballer: bounce wit me

Holmes: ouch shes going to be hurtin

Bklynzballer: i knoe

Bklynzballer: shes coming over friday too!

Bklynzballer: she said she wants to see my room

Holmes: wow! i’ll bet you’ll show her something more won’t you…like your closet

Bklynzballer: she wants me bad

Bklynzballer: tell tracy tommorrow if she is ready for our date

Holmes: man i wish i hadn’t said she was a bitch by accident infront of her friends

Holmes: alright

Bklynzballer: tell…im hard

Bklynzballer: yo…im bringing a condum to school

Holmes: show it to me duroing lunch

Bklynzballer: kk

Bklynzballer: im going to tell her for me and her to go to the bathroom

Holmes: do you want your playboys on friday too?

Holmes: ok will do

Bklynzballer: yup

Holmes: i got 3 extra just for you

Bklynzballer: giv me a pic of her so i can jerk off

Holmes: wow jeeze some things shouldn’t be told to friends

Bklynzballer: lol

Bklynzballer: send me pic of her now!

Bklynzballer: ol.

Bklynzballer: i wanna get my freak on

Holmes: damn you know my scanners busted

Bklynzballer: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!grrrrrrrr

Holmes: yeah i know, i’m about to bust it open

Bklynzballer: fuck….come to my house

Holmes: nah i’m playin playstation 2 and lookin at some porno

Bklynzballer: dam…

Holmes: nothing like a vibrating controler on your lap

Bklynzballer: i just got a new game for ps2

Bklynzballer: winter sport x-games

Holmes: lol i thought you didn’t have ps2

Bklynzballer: i just got it

Bklynzballer: duh

Holmes: oh

Holmes: lucky bastard

Holmes: i had to wait for 3 months

Holmes: since i reserved it

Bklynzballer: yo holmes….whats tracys #

Bklynzballer: dam…she wants to go out but no # grrrr

Holmes: damn that bitch hates me why would i have her number

Holmes: ask her tommorow

Bklynzballer: shes my next g/f dick

Holmes: tel her i said hi

Holmes: sorry but she can be a bitch

Bklynzballer: yes i will do

Bklynzballer: im gonna get her like a animal

Holmes: good

Bklynzballer: what grade are we again?

Bklynzballer: lol

Holmes: lol you were always an idiot, 11th DUmbass

Bklynzballer: i slept everytime in school.

Bklynzballer: o ya

Bklynzballer: hehehe

Holmes: no shit you stayed back once in 5th grade

Bklynzballer: dont remind please…

Bklynzballer: lol

Bklynzballer: i got myself a car

Holmes: quit bullshiting

Bklynzballer: nah…but im getting one

Bklynzballer: im thinking about buying a mercedes benz

Holmes: suuuure what is it? a BMW?

Holmes: HA

Holmes: lets see if your broke ass could afford that

Bklynzballer: yo…dont diss how broke i am

Bklynzballer: im richer than you dick

Holmes: well you got tracy

Bklynzballer: i know….hehe

Holmes: crap i gtg

Bklynzballer: yo holmes giv me your #

Holmes: 232-6797

Bklynzballer: l8er

Bklynzballer: area code

Holmes: l8ter

Holmes: dumb ass! how do you not know our area code?

Bklynzballer: lol..i cant remeber

Holmes: you should have stayed back in 9th grade

Holmes: 860

Holmes: jeeze

Bklynzballer: lol im gunna call you kno3

Holmes: i will bitch slap you tommorow

Bklynzballer: is your mom home?

Holmes: k call me in 30 minutes

Holmes: nah

Holmes: working

Bklynzballer: im gunna be like yo is holmes there

Holmes: aiight

Bklynzballer: where state do i liv in?

Bklynzballer: lol hehehehe

Holmes: seriously dude, do you have amnesia?

Bklynzballer: im so dumb

Bklynzballer: nah im just playing

Holmes: about to say

Holmes: well see ya later

Bklynzballer: what state you live in?

Holmes: ugh dude conn.

Holmes: BYE

Bklynzballer: lol

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