Stupid Note #7621

this has realllly bad writing and its really hard to read it, so it might have some wrong words…and there’s a bunch of random thingys on this…


I’m tired b/c Mr. Lever 2000 didn’t tell me a time I had to get here early so I could talk more is a cafeteria dance before prom where they announce the prom comissions

Are you going to go?

Its the best dance ever! But I can’t go

b/c I’m grounded

I skip SSR. And forged a not my mom found out. Also b/c she said I lied to her b/c I told her I was in the nurses. I know b/c I don’t have an off

campus permit

All of it. Wow is big When’t Easter?

This sun. looooooooooooooo

b/c then I’l bean my dad, I wasn’t but there’s no point staying here when I’m grounded. 1/2 an hour. I want this class to be over! But I don’t want to go to Bio. I have to b/c I have to take my test. I’d rather get it over w/


Weird misplaced things through the rest of the paper:

-Wont move my head

-Thats why I can’t nod my head

-You know you can talk


-Are you and Danielle still together?

-You would just start making

-If a sound annoyed me why would I tell you

-Cool I just was wondering! Gosh.

-What are you and Breydan going to do!!!!

-I know but I want to be cool like yoo why not! its ok

-Dogs! they were going to eat you guys

-Look @ Matt’s little brother. He looks so preppy especially compared to him

-Then all the guys started to get mad b/c But i was friends w/all of his. I didn’t mean it like that! No comment

-but he has Never Fallen in a toilet

-He’s too young. You’re corrupting him. So I’ve never gotten high and I’m almost out of 10th gr.

-but they’re high so much that our voices are too loud for them

-When they get high they sleep bascially they are just dead. they sit there like this. ITs FUNNY!

-I know I’m actually normal but I’m usually LOUD

-soneetimes. but usually its just us girls. b/c we can be as loud and hyper as we want

-We don’t hang out on the weekends anymore



-He was too quite

-We were hanging out w/ Maddison, Chris, Ashton, Mark, So me and Dustin in star led to wot hang out as much

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