Stupid Note #7620: Bad Writing

This note has really bad writing and has random things all over the place. The main part of the note is there, and everything random is after the main paragraph thingy. To make things worst, almost half the paper is gone, 1/4 from the top and 1/4 from the bottom.


Represent Mama B!!!!


hey! I’m in chemistry right now. just, ignore the notes on the other page. I’m happy because I just found out that I have an A in this class. I really hope I get a 3.83 like I want! So, how was your weekend? Mine was boring at my dad’s house.

So, yeah, I was really annoyed w/ the guys. how they only want to hang out w/ us when they can use us! well, maybe I don’t want them to come this weekend. I dunno, now. There I’ve hung out w/ other guys, I realize how rude and mean our guys are I’m not even gonna call them “our” guys anymore. So anywho, who do you like now? I know you want FAG. heehee I’m so just kidding. You know who like…I need to get to know much better. god, tattoo boy is in my class right now and he is so dumb. Its really funny. hey, my-

(rest of the page is ripped off)


Random things all over the back and such:

-I’m sitting next to (scribble lines)

-I’ll tell you later! she is so stupid

-Represent! Please don’t show anyone!

-Homogenous mixture of two or more substances

-Can be made from all 3 states of mattr.


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