You have just been whacked in the face…

You have just been whacked in the face with a fish by a piece of celery. You:

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One thought on “You have just been whacked in the face…

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    • Homer, Homer Simpson…he’s the greatist guy in his famiillyyyyyy….from the…town of spring field…he’s about to crash into a walnut tree…AHHHHHHHHHH!

    • Simpsons Rock!

    • simpson homer simpson hes the greatest guy in historyyyyyy from the town of springfield hes about to hit a chestnut tree….AHHHH!!!


    • Celery is yummy with ranch dressing…..

    • celery is N-A-S-T-E-E!

    • mmmmmmmmmm celery

    • Peanut butter is the shit!

    • dat damn celery…….it’s goin down!

    • getting hit by a fish is hot

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