Yes or Yes: You love Squackle!

Yes or Yes: You love Squackle!

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One thought on “Yes or Yes: You love Squackle!

  1. Comments Left on the Old Poll:

    • WOOOOOOOOOT this is the best site ive ever been to!!! I love you Squackle, I wish i could vote both YES and YES because i love you!! WOOOOOOT!!

    • Hey, Great site, I couldent vote for some reason, but I would have picked Yes…

    • shut up SHUT UP!

    • i like monkeys

    • No, i will not sleep with your mom

    • yay

    • the vagina is the box the penis comes in

    • I have a purple bird!

    • If i didn’t i wouldn’t be here

    • well duh!!

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