Bitchslap: Yes or No

Bitchslap: Yes or No

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One thought on “Bitchslap: Yes or No

  1. Comments Left on the Old Poll:

    • anyone who post’s nofor this vote should be bitchslapped

    • A bitchslap a day keeps the doctor at stay!

    • she deserved it!

    • Ohhhhhh crap i dont think im supposed to bleed from th ears

    • Who HASN’T bitchslapped someone? If you haven’t, you should, then it would be a yes always, because it feels good to bitchslap someone!!

    • i bitchslapped chad

    • yea bitchslapping is fun… especially if the person u bitchslapped just made fun of monkeys ***

    • always fun to give, never to get

    • they kick ass~


    • Why the hell not?

    • Bitchslaping is the equivalent of pooing on a midget

    • i agree

    • indeed

    • i kno i would

    • fack u man

    • i don’t

    • yes because,maybe she is horny

    • violins are never the answer

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