You find a furry animal in your pants. You…

You find a furry animal in your pants. You...

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One thought on “You find a furry animal in your pants. You…

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    • YES, Finally, i am the majority!

    • This happens to me all the time. My cat slumbers on my rumpled up jeans that I have tossed on the bed everyday. However, if a small, furry animal were wiggling around inside my jeans while I was wearing the jeans, I’d probably enjoy it.

    • because he farts as much as you do.

    • a dollar a day bribes the doctor away

    • This is the first question that actually be a very good possibility…

    • if i found a furry animal in my pants i would slap him and call him “NANCY” THAN CARRY HIM EVERY WHERE AND TELL EVERY ONE THAT I AM ALWAYS HAPPY 😉

    • ( .)(. ) eyes or tits?

    • i like monkeys MONKEYS ARE FUNKY GO TO ITS SO COOL

    • Stifling Creative Expression – “It’s revolution time, baby!”

    • yeppy~

    • What is better than a stripping dancing furry animal that come out of your pants?…DUH nothing

    • Want to have sex with me?

    • wow

    • The only animal in my pants, i shoved down there by my own free will. So that means it already has a name.

    • u find a rat on the side u think it is dead but when u turn to walk away it crawls up your pants leg u……

    • What’s so unusual about something furry in your pants?

    • I would think that is my “thing’s” hair!

    • just eat it anyway, tho may regret it later

    • tastes like chicken!

    • you would think your butt is growing hair, so you take it to get a hair cut

    • woo strip nd dance woooo

    • Push him back up your ass

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