Gay or Not: Pokemon

Gay or Not: Pokemon

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One thought on “Gay or Not: Pokemon

  1. Comments Left on the Old Poll:

    • pokemon are the stupidist cartoons on this planet

    • Cuboner, Dildo, Fagmar, Gayrados

    • Suck me off, please.

    • Peek-at-you!!

    • 2 words: DBZ RULES

    • pokemon are cyoote especially misty ooh shes fione

    • pokeman. get it?

    • poke’mon’s retarded… eh, misty’s ugly as shit

    • 2 words: DBZ doesnt rule you fucking assfuck banana slug molesting faggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Finally! the truth comes out

    • Come on now guys, that show is gayer than Elton John….the music sucks too

    • screw you guys..go POKÉMON

    • i hate anime…

    • DBZ does too rock!! It’s 15 times better then that Yu-Gi-Oh bullshit.

    • DBZ is gewd, but Pokemon is gay.

    • i lkie mokeys

    • i think the mediaeval baebes overide that gay pokefart tuff so die

    • spy kids blow pokemon

    • Yall gots to be watchin some Fat Albert!!! Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on??!!! o_0

    • i like monkeys POKEMON IS SO FUCKIN GAY, MAN!***


    • yeah what they said

    • yep yep~

    • Pikashit, Fag!

    • im gay but pokemon aren’t

    • i thought it was poke-ya-mom

    • pokemon are awesome. you people are all on crack.

    • dude…Pokemon=Gay every day of the week…bitches

    • Whoever thinks pokemon is cool are a buncha bitches!

    • I’m gay -with- Pokemon ^_~

    • The only real way to be gay with a pokemon is with a midget.

    • Pik-a-cock is gay. They’re all gay for fuck’s sake!

    • Im a girl

    • I have a penis…best part of it is…(look at number 2)…

    • ssscrew u guys!! pokemon is shiznet foshizzle

    • haha! well thats not a surprise!

    • pokemon was the first card game i ever learned how to play!!! better than yugioh at least sheesh ppl…

    • I heard that he was fucking Goofy!

    • Gaymon fuck each other

    • aaargh! pokemon BAD!

    • Not! Except for Ponyta, not that it matters to me, though.

    • plisshhh fooo baaah gizle-snork flondoowich, cp’n weinphleaubnergen snah flip! Weinplazer… Islo pon neuff wich, poznikker… Dew flinger palrosis?

    • why dont u take a pokemon to the bath room…….cus they’ll peek-at-chu

    • they realy peek at chu

    • da wun below me iz a jka

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