Your poop is green. What is the first thing you do?

Your poop is green. What is the first thing you do?

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One thought on “Your poop is green. What is the first thing you do?

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    • Friends! Friends! Friends! -they happen to kick ass

    • What has pikachu got to do with it????

    • Wipe, flush and go see if there’s anymore MGD’s in the fridge.

    • i like misty mmm shes fione.. she and ash would make a good couple.. buthen brock and misty has to have sex 2 or ash and brock could be gay and misty be elsbo wit jessie..o yea james ask and brock could have a threesom lol theres your damn answer

    • take a sample to a proctologist.

    • Pikachu has a sexy tractor

    • um, what does Pikachu have to do with green poop!?!? I would see if any of my friends put something in my drink at the last party I went too..

    • this has actually happened to me before. damn dollar store candy.

    • i like monkeys



    • Stifling Creative Expression – “It’s revolution time, baby!”

    • korn~

    • my shit ain’t green!

    • I saw Reese Witherspoons tits she put them in my face and then I licked em’

    • my poop was black one time after i had a black halloween icee from bk…it was blue too after i had a blue raspberry slushie….colored poo is awesome! hard poo is a bitch

    • i havnt shit in 3 yrs

    • Friends rocks

    • That’s disturbing…..

    • My poop is purple.

    • You havent pooed until you poo next to a midget.


    • melon

    • lmfao omg i would soo throw a part like rite away if my poop was green lmfao

    • what happened to the “go see a doctor” option?

    • we just love parties! green poop is just a bonus to the cocktail

    • corn is invincable.. the food tho

    • cool corn

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