Hannah Is a Palindrome

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This is a story I read a long time ago, and it is mad stupid. I don’t remember the details, but they really aren’t important….trust me. This is my retelling of that old story.

Hannah is this stupid girl that is sitting in her class one day. She always wanted to clap the erasers when they were dirty, but the teacher never called on her to do it, always someone else in class, especially the same person over and over. One day, the teacher taught them a new grammar thingy called a “palindrome.” The teacher pointed out Hannah and said, “Hannah is a palindrome, but I won’t tell you what a palindrome is until after recess, because I’m a bitch. So figure it out.”

Hannah didn’t like the fact the teacher pointed her out, and out on the playground, all the kids teased her, chanting, “Hannah is a palindrome, Hannah is a palindrome.” Hannah didn’t know what to say, because she didn’t know what a palindrome was. She got mad at the teacher for calling her a palindrome. How could she do such a thing? She never even let Hannah clap the chalkboard erasers, for crying out loud! WHAT A STUPID BITCH! SHE SHOULD BE SHOT! GOD DAMMIT!

After recess, all the way back to the room, the kids teased her, still chanting. When they got back in the room, the teacher explained what a palindrome was. It was a word that could be spelled backwards the same way forwards. The teacher told the kids they shouldn’t have teased Hannah for having a name that could be spelled backwards the same as forwards. Now the kids all felt like dumbasses. Then the teacher showed it to them on the board, doing it regularly, and backwards, erased it, then asked Hannah to clap the erasers by the window. Hannah did, and she enjoyed it.

good job, Hannah, I hope you enjoyed clapping those erasers and smelled that chalk dust. I hope you had fun, too, ya loser!

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9 thoughts on “Hannah Is a Palindrome”

  1. Hahahaha! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your retelling of this story! My third grader was in a debate with her 6th grade sister who then involved their dad about what it was called when a word could be spelled both backwards and forwards the same. Thank you, Hannah is a Palindrome, for being a somewhat useless bit of trivia I can recall from memory to help me end the great debate of 2012.

  2. You forgot about the character Otto, who serves as foil to Hannah.

    I also remember something about gumdrops or lozenges. The teacher normally awards a student with one flavor or another, but the story ends with Hannah demanding one of each.

    1. Yes!! I’m 34, I read this book in school when I was 12 and all I remember is Hannah, palindrome, erasers, and cough drops, which is exactly what I googled.

  3. I don’t remember either of those aspects, honestly. I might have read some sort of abridged version in the book that I had, though?

    Anyway, chalk dust gives you cancer and gum drops make you fat so that teacher is an irresponsible human being.

  4. you got it all wrong. hannah was upset because she didn’t had the chance to be monitor and when the teacher left the classroom her classmates made fun of her. she then looked the definition of palindrome and explained its a word said the same backwards and forwards. that way she made the boy who started it all be quiet because his name was a palindrome too:Otto

  5. But where’s the chalk dust part? I certainly remember that since every time I used the chalk eraser in elementary school I remembered that story.

    Did they update it at some point since most classes don’t have chalkboards anymore?

    1. You’re thinking of the book Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary. As soon as I read the part about the erasers I was like, wait…. one of the books copies the other lol

    2. Definitely not, I’ve never heard of that book.

      I read the Hannah is a Palindrome story in one of those large compilation books where its like 2 pages of story for that, but there’s a ton of other stories in there that we never get around to reading.

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