#6493: davepoobond -> Holmes

davepoobond: there was this really stupid fundraiser thing yesterday

davepoobond: i came in when they had 2 minutes to donate stuff

davepoobond: to send some kids to camp

davepoobond: “comon these kids need to get sent to camp” “1 week of their LIVES” (they ended up sending 11, out of who knows how many)

davepoobond: and they raised like 7000 dollars

Holmes: hah

davepoobond: it was messed up

davepoobond: and the 7-11 franchisees corporation and franchisees gave them half a million dollars

Holmes: wow

davepoobond: and all they said “thanks, thanks so much” and then he turned to the camera

davepoobond: and then he said something, i dont know what it was cuz i was laughing too hard

Holmes: 7-11…screwing people 7 hours a day, 11 days of the week

davepoobond: and then this pregnant black jewish woman does some stand-up

Holmes: LMAO

davepoobond: she’s a “convert”

Holmes: pregnant black jewish woman?

davepoobond: LOL ya


davepoobond: she was ok, but she was really dumb

davepoobond: and most of her jokes werent even laughed at

davepoobond: as soon as she comes up, shes like “oh, i give a new meaning to labor day, dont i”

davepoobond: and all she did was talk about her in-laws and her husband

Holmes: it’s like “say what you are” and she says “I’m a pregnant black jewish woman” and the whole audience laughs

Holmes: then she makes jokes and no one laughs

davepoobond: i mean, she’s like 9 months pregnant, she could’ve broke water AS she was doing it

Holmes: yeah

davepoobond: that woulda been great to see

davepoobond: “you know, Jewish people can’t whisper -” SPRAYYYYYYYYYY





davepoobond: do u know what MDA is

davepoobond: lolll

Holmes: mda?

davepoobond: besides a drug

Holmes: nop

davepoobond: yeah that was the foundation

davepoobond: that was hosting it or whatever

davepoobond: i think ed macmahon was there

Holmes: oh

davepoobond: it was such crap

davepoobond: it was like 4 hours long

davepoobond: and they raised 10 million half-way

Holmes: wow

davepoobond: (i bet it was just inflated though)

davepoobond: they just add 9.9 million here and there

davepoobond: to get people to call

davepoobond: cuz “others are”

Holmes: hehe

Holmes: lmao


Fun fact: Later on, the bookstore davepoobond works at during college did a fundraiser for the same association to send kids to camp. The association is called the Muscular Dystrophy Association 😛

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