#6385: davepoobond -> Lumpy

davepoobond: i cant wait till elian gonzalez grows up

davepoobond: cuz then he’ll pry be an actor

davepoobond: or something

Lumpy: o.O

davepoobond: starring Elian Gonzalez. “The Life of Elian Gonzalez”

davepoobond: like one of those biographical films

davepoobond: like The Hurricane

Lumpy: lol

davepoobond: Janet Reno would be like the antagonist

davepoobond: and its all controversy

davepoobond: and they show like a real side to elian

Lumpy: lol

davepoobond: and he’s like sitting on the side of the pool with his legs in the water

davepoobond: playing with a toy

davepoobond: and he doesnt say anything cuz he only knows spanish

davepoobond: oh yeah in the beginning his ship sinks or something and then he swims to the shore. and its all dramatic. like in cast away or something

davepoobond: and his only friends are the media

davepoobond: that give him lollipops and stuff

Lumpy: ::shakes his head::

davepoobond: and then his “vacation” ends when his daddy comes back

davepoobond: and no one knows that he doesnt like him cuz he speaks in a slurred obsolete mayan version of spanish that isnt actually spanish

davepoobond: and they try to get him back with his father

davepoobond: but they dont let him

davepoobond: and then a masked guy with a gun comes and gets him in the closet, because one of his media guy friends put him in there

davepoobond: and the media guy gets a picture of it

Lumpy: let it go

davepoobond: ok i’m sorry

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