#6384: davepoobond -> FireRaze

davepoobond: “well your dumb. and stupid too!”

FireRaze: And I hate your guts, so we are even!

davepoobond: – me just 1 minute ago

davepoobond: i said that to my sister

FireRaze: – Me forever!

FireRaze: Heh

davepoobond: k=========

davepoobond: guess what that is

davepoobond: a hammer

davepoobond: hahahaha

FireRaze: hahahahahaahahahaahah

davepoobond: i got my report card

FireRaze: cool

davepoobond: and i passed all my classes yay

davepoobond: did you get yours yet?

FireRaze: yeah

FireRaze: a long time ago

FireRaze: I got almost all As

davepoobond: yeah i think i got it later than everyone else

davepoobond: want a million dollars?

FireRaze: heh

FireRaze: sure

davepoobond: for free?

FireRaze: sure

davepoobond: how to get a million dollars for free

FireRaze: Hey! I didnt get a million dollars!!!

davepoobond: pretty cooooooool huh

davepoobond: LOL

davepoobond: thats how i lure people into squackle

davepoobond: i post that link around places, and people say “a million dollars! wow!”

davepoobond: and then they go through all that, and they dont get a million dollars! Ahahahaha

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